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a summer food story..

let me start by clarifying one little thing; it’s not always summer in Greece, as most of you think. but when it finally arrives you need to be able to enjoy it! so grab your sand buckets, sea mattresses and towels and head to the nearest beach. take a swim and have fun under the burning sun. feeling a bit hungry? i happen to know the right place. surely one of my favorites. “Louizidis” is a traditional, family tavern in Vouliagmeni area, serving bathers and many others since 1961.

louizidis“Louizidis” tavern

there, you can comfortably sit in the blossomed yard and appreciate the sea breeze. you can taste some good old mama’s Greek recipes like the famous mousaka, pastitsio or beef stew, some peas worth drooling over and fresh salads. feta cheese with Greek olive oil and oregano should not be missed.


feta cheesefeta cheese w/ Greek olive oil

if you are not into that kind of specialties, you can also enjoy a juicy grilled steak, a tender pork tenderloin or even fresh fish. do not forget to order the appropriate house wine.steak


pork tenderloinpork tenderloin

so go my friends and let the summer begin; officially i mean.

“Louizidis” 2 Ermou street, Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 8960591


“stay hungry bitch”.. NOT..

i visited a new hip place in Athens. it is in Vouliagmeni area and it surely has an interesting name; “stay hungry bitch”. do not be fooled by this quote, because ordering too many dishes, will overfeed your body and soul and finally leave you with a stomachache. the portions at this restaurant are really big! you can try things like, vietnamese rolls with tuna, rice balls with cuttlefish ink and squid, black cod tacos, and meat like black angus and many more. you will enjoy a kind of a gourmet street food blend listening to some really nice music. so this is what i suggest “stay hungry at least one day before you visit this place bitches”!

the place
rolls 2
vietnamese tuna rolls
rice cuttlefish ink balls
black angus
black cod tacos

“stay hungry bitch”, leoforos posidonos & orfeos 2, vouliagmeni greece, tel. +30 2108960323