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an excellent brunch year..

do not be fooled by the wooden racks, the fridges or the fine crystal glasses and decanters, “by the glass” is more than just a classic cosy wine bar. it also offers one of the best brunches in town.

wine transfusion

wine transfusion

galleria decoration


do not be fooled by the wooden racks or the fine crystal glasses

get your loving table outdoors at the galleria(covered passageway), enjoy the live jazzy tunes and let’s begin.

singer 2

Vicky Bee performing live

you can taste a colorful omelet millefeuille with spinach and tomato, some ultra heavenly eggs benedict with a mouthwatering drizzle of hollandaise sauce and a comforting cheese bacon burger with home-made fries. attention grabbers!

omelet millefeuille 2

omelet millefeuille


eggs benedict


cheese bacon burger

attention grabbers!

a little dessert never hurt anyone, especially if it’s a soft, creamy cheesecake!



so go my friends and look beyond the wine labels.

by the glass” 3 Georgiou Souri street & Phillelinon Syntagma, Athens, Greece, tel.+30 2103232 560