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you can leave your crown on..

Switzerland is famous for a lot of things; good things! food is not one of them. but trust me, there is a small traditional restaurant in the center of a municipality called Bad Zurzach that might change your mind. it is housed in a really old typical Swiss building called the crown(hence the name krone) and is running since ages, 1908 to be exact. the warm and friendly ambiance and the rustique wooden style of this place will keep you coming back.

the place2“krone”


at “krone” you can try some fresh mixed salad, a golden pan fried schnitzel and probably the best liver around. ah, these small tender pieces of liver! all are served with french fries or rösti(the famous Swiss potato goodness). snitzel

schnitzel w/ mixed salad


schnitzel w/ rösti

liverchopped liver

you can also drink the shockingly good Swiss beer feldschlösschen or some regional wine from the municipality of Endingen. Either way you will enjoy a typical, one of a kind meal in the unaffected palace of Mrs. Elsa! beer(1)

feldschlösschen beer


wine from Endingen

ernaMrs. Elsa

so go my friends, the crown can be yours.

“krone” Hauptstrasse 65, Bad Zurzach, Switzerland, tel: +41 562491320