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pack your “bikini” and go to Spetses..

i love Spetses! i also have a lot of friends there. i will not share any details about why i love this island; you can go find the magic yourselves. i will only wright about a new bar-restaurant with one of the most suitable names around, “bikini”. the first and most important feature is the view, which is breathtaking. Mimi and Christos, the owners have done a great job decorating the place. you can try the most refreshing cocktails and do not worry if you are not into an alcohol frenzy situation; there are some really nice non alcohol cocktails for you my sober friends. i would also suggest that you try some of the delicious cold plates like, tuna tartare with avocado, crab salad with seaweed, salmon tartare with asparagus and wasabi and many more. so please put some clothes on and visit the “bikini” bar in Spetses island.


outside view
inside door
salmon tartare
crab salad
tuna tartare
tuna tartare

“bikini”, Spetses, Greece, +30 2298 074888