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must-try threesome..


a legendary mother figure from Mykonos island, an old grocery store and lots of frying pans! back in 1942 Margaro used to feed the port workers on her famous braised meat every Sunday. since then the traditional tavern has slightly been transformed. now offers the ultimate threesome! a naughty three dish menu lost in the mists of time.




the place






picture of Margaro on the wall

a pure, fresh Greek salad, some oil sizzling golden red mullets and some crunchy shrimp bites of heaven! that’s it you hotties. occasionally some fresh crayfish or sea bream will enter the game.


Greek salad


red mulets


pan-fried shrimps


Mr. Spyridon the frying master


Mr. Ioannis, Mr. Konstantinos(grandsons) and Mr. Lazaros Chaniotis(son)

so go my friends, food indulge yourselves!

“Margaro” 126 Chatzikiriakou Ave., Piraeus, Greece, tel. +30 210 4514226

battle of the seafood..


“at them” shouted general Miltiades. the famous battle of Marathon has just begun. a historic and inspiring place, northeast of Athens; a golden coast, an artificial lake, a monumental tomb and a seaside fish tavern. “Isidora”(mom’s name), a plain trail to the blue sea, offers some good old Greek delicacies for more than fifty years. it’s mama’s army, all right!


“Isidora” restaurant


deck by the sea


seaside table


the place

isidora & son

Mrs. Isidora & her son Stelios

“Isidora”(mom’s name), a plain trail to the blue sea, offers some good old Greek delicacies

get armed, trained and fed. have a velvety, smooth taramosalata aka fish roe salad, some golden hand-cut fries, a perfectly grilled octopus, some gently steamed mussels, some crispy little Symi style shrimp bites and some quite memorable pan-fried red mullets. commander Stelios full of ammo!

fish roe salad

taramosalata(fish roe salad)


french fries


grilled octopus


steamed mussels


Symi style shrimps

red mullets

red mullets

crispy little Symi style shrimp bites.. commander Stelios full of ammo!

final loading; some honey soaked fried dough balls of heaven aka loukoumades and an Isidora-made dark red tentura liqueur shot.


loukoumades(Greek donuts)


homemade tentura liqueur

so go my friends, seafood fight now!

“Isidora” 5 Perikleous street, Marathon beach, Greece, tel: +30 22940 56467


dancing fish..

funny, sad, moving or just crazy, there is always a story behind every restaurant. “travolta” was at first a nickname but ended up being one of the best seafood dinners around (with the help of two famous chefs; Liakos brothers). it is a simple, friendly and welcoming place with a twist. it offers both indoor and outdoor sitting.



as implied, “travolta” knows all the moves; and fresh fish as well! he will greet you with some tasty sardines on toasted bread. then he will hit the dance floor with a velvety fish roe salad (aka taramosalata), a smokey flavored eel lying gently on split peas and some perfectly grilled red mullets.

sardinessardines on toasted bread

taramosalatafish roe salad aka taramosalata

eeleel on split peas

red mulletsgrilled red mullets

to get your applause he will end his show with a spicy Greek recipe called spentzofai with cuttlefish sausages (instead of regular ones), red peppers and tomatoes. you will surely admire this last stunt, trust me! keep in mind to wet your throats once in a while with some ouzo, tsipouro or fine wines.

spetsofaispentzofai w/ cuttlefish sausage 

some flavorful Greek yogurt with spoon sweets will end this spectacle in the most appropriate way.

dessertGreek yogurt w/ spoon sweets

so go my friends and let the artist lead the way. in this dance it’s better not to know the steps.

“travolta” 33 Agiou Pavlou & Arkadias street, Peristeri, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 5719222

ready for some sea adventures?

i was trying to find one more place in Athens that values the sea and what it has to offer. and yeah i found it!  it is one of these neighborhood friendly places with its yard and trees and wooden chairs. “thalassinos” (which in Greek means someone who lives or was raised near the sea) restaurant is more than twenty years old yet the creations it offers always manage to stay fresh. imagine tasting the sea through a fresh fish salad, a colorful lobster spaghetti, some heavenly crayfishes, some savory steamed mussels, some golden crispy red mullets and crayfish bites. the pictures that follow will help you get the idea. you can also try some other interesting plates like the small garlic flavored pita breads with shrimps or fish soup. of course do not even think of leaving without tasting the freshly baked bread offered there. as always i would suggest sitting outdoors under a tree of your choice.

the place
the place
crayfish crumb
crispy crayfish bites
steamed mussels
fish salad
fish salad
lobster spaghetti
red mullets
red mullets
the chef
the chef

so go my friends, let the sea breeze reach you even though you will be far away from the shore.

“thalassinos”  32 Lisikratous street, Kallithea, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 9404518