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black panther’s powers..

la pantera negra

“what kind of animal are you?” the unconventional chef(Mr. Dimitris Katrivesis) is looking for some constructive anarchy. hell yeah! black panthers on the loose, rocking a Peruvian open kitchen diner in the heart of historical Plaka neighborhood. “la pantera negra” – interesting from top to bottom.


“la pantera negra”




black panthers in action


Mr. Dimitris Katrivesis owner & chef

do not try to understand it! just taste a zingy sea bass ceviche with sweet corn, aji amarillo, white truffle dressing and crispy green banana chips, a fresh tuna tartare with wasabi ice cream and squid flavored chips, some famous potato-like yuca roots with fried egg vinaigrette, some airy steamed dumplings with coriander-olive mojo(sauce)


hot sea bass ceviche


tuna tartare


yuca brava style


steamed dumplings

some iconic causas(Peruvian potato pure) with chicken and black garlic mayo, some tender chicken skewers with an oregano-cumin based sauce, a comforting braised oxtail on a good version of soggy rice, soya and goat cheese and some alternative lasagne kimchi bolognese – this pickled version is all you need.




chicken skewers


braised oxtail


lasagne kimchi bolognese

in between have a zip of your classic Peruvian pisco sour cocktail or your sweet chicha morada(Peruvian purple corn, pineapple and green apple scented). weird and beautiful words!


pisco sour classico


chicha morada

now, how about a steaming volcano of the world’s best chocolate beans? to make it even sexier, throw together some hazelnut praline, crispy chocolate, ginger and tonka ice cream(vanilla caramel fragrance). i know i had you from the start! and then a healthier version of fermented banana with chocolate chia -wonder food- pudding and dulce de leche.


Peruvian cocoa w/ hazelnut plaline


fermented banana w/ chocolate chia pudding

so go my friends, savor the fierce flavor of this new kingdom.

“la pantera negra” 6 Kalogrioni street, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 213 036 4214



seven dainty sins..

found it! there is a new place in town that lets you be gluttonous, desire and possibly grab your fellow diner’s food, eat with your hands and by all means lick your fingers, mouth feed your partner or partners(what the hell), be aroused by flavors and aromas, have your mouth full(no spitting while talking though) and cut loose. “7 food sins” is housed in a wonderful neoclassical two-story building in the historical area of Plaka also known as neighborhood of the gods; you see the connection now, right?

outdoors3the building


outdoors(8)outdoors – tables


since we are about to sin, let’s do it properly. start with a refreshing Greek salad on the grill, some nasty meatballs with melted cheddar and jalapeno peppers, a different crunchy version of the famous “mousaka”, an evil black tempura cod with potato chips and fish roe(tarama) mousse, a twisted “souvlaki” served inside out; you may not even notice the pita bread missing and some air hanging sausages with potatoes and sauerkraut.

greek salad(2)Greek salad on the grill

meatballs(2)meatballs w/ melted cheddar & jalapeno peppers

mousakacrunchy “mousaka”

black cod(2)tempura cod w/ potato chips & fish roe mousse

souvlaki“souvlaki” inside out

sausages(1)sausages w/ potatoes & sauerkraut

sin responsibly and do not leave out the eggs, like the airy benedict or the fine omelet with bacon and asparagus.

eggseggs benedict

omelet(1)omelet w/ bacon & asparagus

relax, everything will seem unreasonably perfect after a sip of your amber colored “la trappe quadrupel” beer(or of one of the other 60 labels)!

beer(3)la trappe quadrupel beer

so go my friends and you will probably wanna sin again.

“seven food sins” 1 Filomousou Eterias square, Plaka, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 7011108