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dancing fish..

funny, sad, moving or just crazy, there is always a story behind every restaurant. “travolta” was at first a nickname but ended up being one of the best seafood dinners around (with the help of two famous chefs; Liakos brothers). it is a simple, friendly and welcoming place with a twist. it offers both indoor and outdoor sitting.



as implied, “travolta” knows all the moves; and fresh fish as well! he will greet you with some tasty sardines on toasted bread. then he will hit the dance floor with a velvety fish roe salad (aka taramosalata), a smokey flavored eel lying gently on split peas and some perfectly grilled red mullets.

sardinessardines on toasted bread

taramosalatafish roe salad aka taramosalata

eeleel on split peas

red mulletsgrilled red mullets

to get your applause he will end his show with a spicy Greek recipe called spentzofai with cuttlefish sausages (instead of regular ones), red peppers and tomatoes. you will surely admire this last stunt, trust me! keep in mind to wet your throats once in a while with some ouzo, tsipouro or fine wines.

spetsofaispentzofai w/ cuttlefish sausageĀ 

some flavorful Greek yogurt with spoon sweets will end this spectacle in the most appropriate way.

dessertGreek yogurt w/ spoon sweets

so go my friends and let the artist lead the way. in this dance it’s better not to know the steps.

“travolta” 33 Agiou Pavlou & Arkadias street, Peristeri, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 5719222