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va’ fa Napoli..

ristorante Italia

some laundry drying, a royal residence, a rumored underground tunnel, a nonna Napoletana, Tinos island and some fresh pasta. what on earth do all these things have in common? “ristorante Italia” is a typical taverna Italiana, housed in a pedestrian zone located neoclassical building. interesting flooring and ceiling details detected. Mr.Onofrio Ioakimides will take you along his vespa palate ride.


the entrance


details, details..




the chef Mr. Onofrio Ioakimidis

some laundry drying, a royal residence, a rumored underground tunnel, a nonna Napoletana..

hidden treasure waiting to be found inside some of the coolest album covers ever! you can try a silky buffalo mozzarella with prosciutto, some fancy grilled slices of bread with figs and gorgonzola, a heavenly porchetta(pork roast) with peas, a distinctive caper-lovers chicken fillet, an authentic guanciale, pecorino and egg goodness aka carbonara, a hot all’round pasta with mushrooms and gorgonzola, a creamy salmon, vodka one and some gorgonzola, black truffle scented potato gnocchi beauties.


buffalo mozzarella w/ prosciutto


crostini w/ figs & gorgonzola




chicken w/ capers & yogurt



pasta porcini

pasta w/ mushrooms & gorgonzola

pasta salmon

pasta w/ salmon, vodka & cream


gnocchi w/ gorgonzola & black truffle oil

an authentic guanciale, pecorino and egg goodness aka carbonara

tradition has it that you have to sip at list a shot of the homemade lemon scented, heartwarming liqueur offered at this osteria; a chilled served limoncello per te!



so go my friends, “una notte a Napoli” is never enough!

“ristorante Italia” 8 Ironda street, Kallimarmaro, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 7252003

Krokos village, Tinos, tel: +30 22830 51199




offering to gods..


good eats have always been highly appreciated, even by gods. imagine if it’s a two michelin starred one! linen textiles, baccarat crystals, porcelain dinnerware; pure elegance. “spondi’s”(means offer to gods) altar is situated in a renovated neoclassical villa, right in the heart of Athens, near the famous panathenaic stadium, since 1996.









linen textiles, baccarat crystals, porcelain dinnerware; pure elegance

there you can choose between two menus(initiation and discovery) or you can do your own à la carte thing. first, you will get an idea of chef Aggelos Lantos’ thoughts from the complimentary smoked milk croquettes and the beetroot mousse with raspberry, mustard ice cream and cereals crust. “mouth amusers” indeed! then you can have a refined langoustine tartare with caviar, grapefruit, gentian and ground elder, a creamy palatable potato foam with caramelized onions, truffle and egg yolk, some alternative red mullets filled with black olive paste and eggplant puree and a heavenly sea bass with a zesty lime beurre blanc sauce.


smoked milk croquettes

beetroot mousse

beetroot mousse


langoustine tartare w/ caviar


potato foam w caramelized onions, truffle & egg yolk


red mullets filled w/ black olive paste


sea bass w/ lime beurre blanc sauce


the chef Mr. Aggelos Lantos

a creamy palatable potato foam with caramelized onions, truffle and egg yolk

ok, grand cru term is unofficially used to describe a top quality product(other than wine). now imagine a chocolate grand cru! a mild, milky jivara with crunchy caramelized hazelnuts and a refreshing mango sorbet. remember, gulping down your food ain’t no courteous behavior!


chocolate grand cru

now imagine a chocolate grand cru!

so go my friends, and may the gods spare you some nectar.

“spondi” 5 Pyrronos street, Pagrati, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 7564021




from charcoal to gold..

let’s go back in time; way back in 1926. somewhere in Pagrati area where a fine little family house turned into a charcoal store. back in the days, that also meant barrels of wine and most of the times a few tables and chairs for the “good customers” to sit. that leads us to the making of one of the most historical restaurants around. “Karavitis” is a legendary tavern, popular among politicians, artists and intellectuals.

signentrance – old sign

barrelsbarrels dating back to 1935

Mr. Kostas(Karavitis) still remembers the fights for a table at the so called “pool”(a certain area outside the restaurant); at 1978 the picturesque yard followed. his uncle Mr. Panagiotis started this whole thing, what an intuition! take a look at the pictures printed on the paper table covers.

Kostas KaravitisMr. Kostas Karavitis

outdoorsthe yard

there you can taste a fresh Greek salad, a glorious tzatziki(the one with yogurt, cucumber and tons of garlic), some golden brown fried zucchini, some meatballs really close to perfection and some masterfully grilled beef burgers(also filled with cheese) and steaks.

greek saladGreek salad

tzatzikithe glorious “tzatziki”

zucchinifried zucchini



steakjuicy steak

you will of course beat thirst with house wine, a lot of house wine! after all, these barrels date back to the 1930s!

winehouse wine

so go my friends, this is pure gold you found.

“Karavitis” 4 Pafsaniou & Arktinou street, Pagrati, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 7215155