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it’s a family affair..

family and tradition are really important in Greece. so is good food! a wise person should easily understand that such a combination would be rather successful. and it is my friends. that is exactly the case of a small fish tavern, running for more than 55 years now, in a southwestern part of Athens.


at “kanaria” almost nothing has changed; the sun still shines its heartwarming light over the green yard, the old mosaic floor still welcomes the numerous guests and the lingering kitchen smells still whet everyone’s appetite. the menu is quite clear, a simple yet flavorful tomato or cabbage salad, some fleshy olives, some masterfully pan fried shrimps or red mullets and of course fresh fish from Cyclades.


tomato salad





fishfresh fish

i just want you to remember two things; perfectly cooked prawns do exist and Greek olive oil is the finest of them all! trust me. you will not find any wine labels there, just the wine coming out from the barrels.

the place(6)wine barrels

so go my friends and let this family treat and feed you in the best way possible.

“ta kanaria” 119 Kanari street, Moschato, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2109422119