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crafty art..


art is in.. grandma’s antique floral plates, homemade bread, handmade vintage furniture, John Forsythe, Linda Evans and Joan Collins. “artisanal”(meaning made by hand) is a cosy bar-restaurant housed in an early 20th century premium residence with rare trees and elegance of the 50’s. not just a fancy word.




ground floor


upstairs bar




“Dynasty” details

lounge yourself and taste a freshly baked bread dipped in metsovone, anthotyro(traditional fresh cheese) and thyme cream, a colorful beetroot salad with goat cheese and raspberry dressing, a groovy grilled spinach pie with feta cheese cream and chive scented olive oil, some classy beef ravioli with salsify and Jerusalem artichoke(topinambour), some sensuous pumpkin gnocchi with mushrooms, a Greek sea scented octopus pastitsio with wakame seaweed and fava(yellow split peas puree) and a fine juicy pata negra pork loin with polenta, red cabbage puree and crispy pork bites. actually well crafted culinary works.


handmade bread


beetroot salad


grilled spinach pie


beef ravioli


pumpkin gnocchi


octopus pastitsio


pata negra pork loin


chef Mr. Dimitris Dimitriadis

second dinner act opens with nutcracker rum cocktail with house honey bittermilk, lime juice, hazelnut liqueur and a nice dry dark chocolate flavor of Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters danced to end of love by a praline bar with green apple compote, chocolate-caram√©lia and vanilla ice cream.


 nutcracker cocktail


praline bar

punch with rum, tea, grapefruit and maraschino is served in the finest tea cups.


serving punch

so go my friends, art is where you find it.

“artisanal” 2 Zirini street, Kifisia, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2108086111


class, elegance, sushi..

ok now, what is the most elegant type of food? please leave out all the graceful juicy burgers and the refined long and thin strands of pasta. sushi is the answer; full of fine textures, colors and shapes. “miyabi” is the word for the Japanese aesthetic ideal of refinement, thus the perfect name for the new sushi diner in town. Mr. Kazuaki Shitamori and the chef Mr. Masahide Isomoto are the hosts. the place is mini-mal both indoors and outdoors.



chef & owner the hosts; chef Mr. Masahide Isomoto and Mr. Kazuaki Shitamori

chef's tablechef’s table

the taste will do the work. there you can have a colorful seafood salad with yuzu and truffle oil, a textured torched tuna with sesame and truffle oil, an aromatic sea bass with three kinds of citrus and chili, some adored salmon, fatty tuna and scallop nigiri, and some of the freshest rolls(hoso-maki, ura-maki) around. salmons, shrimps, tunas and eels embracing cucumbers, avocados, sesame and creamy sauces. oh, my lord! you can taste a bit of heaven in these Japanese omelet rolls.

seafood saladseafood salad w/ yuzu & truffle oil

tunatorched tuna

sea basssea bass w/ three kinds of citrus & chili


rollshoso-maki & ura-maki

have a sip of your “kirin”(popular Japanese draft beer) and that’s all you will probably need that day.

kirin beer“kirin” beer

so go my friends, you might achieve the highest grace!

“miyabi” 3 Giannitsopoulou street, Glifada, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 8944845