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mayor’s office..


a proper mayor loves and takes care of his city; fully committed. he wants it to be the greatest in the world. i say he should also feed it well; restaurant wise, give people a good brunch and they will vote for you! “mayor”(by a thrown around nickname) is a friendly, cosy place, right in the heart of Athens(formerly JK). an exclusive one, going really green on its beautiful patio.

the bar

the bar


indoors sofa

the patio

the patio



restaurant wise, give people a good brunch and they will vote for you!

first, wave last night’s hangover bye bye; have a refreshing spicy carrot, ginger, green apple juice. then you can treat yourself with some golden sunny side up eggs on toast with crunchy bacon and mushrooms, a rather flashy pizza-like flatbread with mozzarella, olives and rocket, a light turkey burger with asparagus on a quinoa bed and the ultimate vote winner, the comforting juicy black angus burger. the nice n easy vet Mr. George Nestorides will take good care of you.


hangover bye bye juice


sunny side up eggs



turkey burger

turkey burger w/ quinoa


black angus burger


executive chef Mr. George Nestorides

treat yourself with some golden sunny side up eggs on toast with crunchy bacon..

and since spoiling is the game, get your chocolate fix with a smooth ganache glazed coconut cake.


chocolate coconut

so go my friends, start voting now.

“mayor” 19-20 Filikis Eterias square, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 3648156


the immigrant..

mixing things is cool! it may have some pretty interesting, tip-top results. when it comes to food it gets way better. “nikkei” cuisine is the lovin’ outcome of a fusion among Peruvian ingredients with Japanese techniques. Japanese immigrants to Peru are to “blame”. thanks a bunch you guys! “nikkei”(the immigrant in Japanese) the new hip restaurant in town, is a warm, fun place based on stone, Peruvian textiles and colors.


stones, Peruvian textiles & colors

bar detail

bar details



Japanese immigrants to Peru are to “blame”. thanks a bunch you guys!

start the right way, by tasting an aromatic sea bass ceviche with sweet potato and corn, then some tender scallops with shiitake mushrooms and garlic – mayonnaise aioli, some spicy aji amarillo chilies marinated chicken skewers(anticucho), some alternative bao buns with papada de iberico(pork iberico), some piquant kimchi(seasoned vegetables) marinated sea bass skewers and a finely textured, thin flap steak.


sea bass ceviche


scallops w/ shiitake mushrooms


chicken anticucho

bao buns

bao buns w/ papada de iberico

sea bass skewers

kimchi marinated sea bass skewers

flap steak

flap steak

you meat fans, may also get lucky and try the ultimate “tomahawk” steak. really keeps the wow factor going!


the chef Mr. Thanos Stasinos “sharpening” the tomahawk steak & rib eye


kitchen stories

really keeps the wow factor going!

so go my friends, it’s all in the mix.

“nikkei” 3 Leventi street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 7239366


that’s IT folks..

still “foodwalkin” around the city center. in Kolonaki area you come across a cosy little engaging place. you immediately feel it, “this should be it”. in fact you are right, this is “IT”, an eco-friendly restaurant serving numerous recipes with fresh organic Greek goodies. minimal design along with feta, mizithra and goat cheese, capers, pistachios, almira greens and yogurt. i hope i am getting my point across!




there you can try some delicious chickpeas with roasted peppers(from Florina area), some fine mizithra cheese ravioli with thyme and walnuts pesto, a lovely salmon fillet with avocado and some mouth-watering chicken burgers with a tangy dressing and quinoa salad by side.

chickpeaschickpeas w/ roasted peppers

pastaravioli w/ mizithra cheese, thyme & walnuts pesto

salmonsalmon w/ avocado

burgerschicken burgers w/ quinoa

and the dessert, the semifreddo with “maltesers” type wafers; there was nothing earthly to it!

semifreddosemifreddo w/ wafer

thumbs up for the chef Mr. Elias Stavropoulos and the menu curator the dear Mr. Andreas Lagos(aka the nomad chef).


Mr. Elias Stavropoulos

so go my friends, cause this can be it!

“it” 29 Skoufa street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 3635773      


a posh hut..

and now back to my favorite, Italian food. what is my problem? there is a place situated at the elegant Kolonaki area under the contradictive name “capanna”(means hut in Italian). do not get confused, neither the design nor the taste will lead to such comparison, it’s just inspired by the owner’s name in Greek. it is an urban trattoria-pizzeria, as sinful as it should be.


there you can get a table at the sidewalk, a celebrity gossip must, or indoors at the mix & match, rustic chic, little space. after all, it doesn’t really matter where you will finally sit as long as you get to eat!



they will welcome you with some deeply red pomodori on sea salt and focaccia,(a type of Italian bread). then you can and must taste the fine beef carpaccio topped with parmesan flakes, the luscious spaghetti with San Marzano tomatoes and basil and the perfectly charred and crispy, porcini prosciutto pizza; oh! this tangy melted Taleggio cheese. feel free to order more from the enticing menu, you will not regret it!

welcomewelcome pomodori & focaccia

beef carpacciobeef carpaccio

pastaspaghetti w/ San Marzano tomatoes & basil

pizzapizza w/ taleggio, porcini & prosciutto

chefMr. Armando, the pizzaiolo, resting on the vespa

so go my friends and find some Italian food shelter.

“capanna” 38 Ploutarchou & 42 Charitos street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 2107241777


stinking in name only..

you must really love cheeses in order to name your restaurant after one; especially when it’s called “stinking bishop” and is famous for its distinctive odor. but you also might like their perfect pair, wines! so here it is, you got the answer; a cosy little wine bar in the center of Athens.

indoorsindoors / open kitchen

it has an open kitchen, a really friendly staff, all the wine you can probably have and of course good food. need more? outdoor dining on the sidewalk is possible.

indoors sofasofa & window detail

there you can enjoy a different kind of stuffed veggies (call them deconstructed) with tuna and a Greek fresh cheese from Domokos called “katiki”, some sweet chili mayo shrimps, some fine scallops with zucchini, a velvety black cod and of course a platter with cheeses and charcuterie.

stuffed tunadeconstructed stuffed veggies w/ tuna

shrimpssweet chili mayo shrimps

scallops22scallops w/ zucchini

black cod(1)black cod

cheese platterplatter w/ cheeses & charcuterie

choose your favorite wine label and you got it. life is neat! and can get better with the help of a sour apple disguise and a sinful ferrero rocher with salty caramel.

applesour apple disguise

ferreroferrero rocher w/ salty caramel

owner & chefthe owner Mr. Fotis Dimou & the chef Mr. Dimitris Stamoudis

so go my friends, do not be fooled by sound, be seduced by taste!

“stinking bishop” 36 Loukianou street & Spefsippou, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 213 0263656


the wine resto up the stairs..

i remember myself climbing up these stairs at least once a week. the best moment was when my eagerly awaited bottle of wine arrived at the table! with it came some courses for the appropriate pairing. then suddenly, the time came for me to take a break. recently, i revisited “scala vinoteca”. it remains one of the most beautifully designed restaurants around. simple yet elegant materials join forces and create a cosy, contemporary ambiance. the small patio in front is still inviting and the numerous wine bottles up the wall really seductive.


wine bottleswine bottles detail

one thing that has definitely changed is the menu. now you can enjoy garden, sea or earth flavors. have some fine bouillabaisse soup, an interesting freshly grilled calamari with artichokes and chorizo, a velvety langoustine risotto with morrill, a juicy sirloin black Angus steak and some divine pappardelle with pears and pecorino. trust me, this pasta dish alone can make it happen! along with your favorite bottle of wine of course.

soup(2)bouillabaisse soup

calamarigrilled calamari

risotto(1)langoustine risotto

sirloin black angus2sirloin black Angus steak

papardellepappardelle w/ pears & pecorino

finally have some airy lemon tart or some refined apple and caramel for the whole experience to end properly.

lemon tartlemon tart

apple and caramelapple & caramel

chef(2)the chef Mr. Dimitris Kontopoulos

so go my friends, hurry up these stairs again and enjoy the new era.

“scala vinoteca” 50 Sina & Anagnostopoulou street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 3610041


“tutti a tavola” a mangiare..

back in 1996 there was a little trattoria right in the heart of cosmopolitan kolonaki area. Atonio Tuttera(the owner from Torino) served original Italian food. immediately it became one of the connoisseurs’ favorites by introducing some fine Italian cuisine. the years passed and this heartwarming restaurant unfortunately closed. others attempted to make something out of this legendary space but had no luck. so now after many years, “tutti a tavola” is back!



it’s cozier and more tasteful than ever. basically, it has a knack for making your mouth water! you can start with some velouté pumpkin soup. then you can enjoy some rich bresaola(air-dried beef) with artichoke, a divine buttery cotoletta Milanese and of course some signature pasta like the creamy spaghetti carbonara or the spicy bucatini amatriciana. do not forget to order your favorite wine of course. do you really need anything else? life is that simple!


 pumpkin soup




cotoletta Milanese


spaghetti carbonara


bucatini amatriciana

Antonio and his partner Dimitris Anastopoulos will welcome you and make you feel like home, right from the start.

the ownersbw

Dimitris Anastopoulos & Atonio Tuttera

so hurry up my friends, sit immediately on your table and start “mangiare”.

“tutti a tavola” 8 Spefsippou street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2107222785