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crafty art..


art is in.. grandma’s antique floral plates, homemade bread, handmade vintage furniture, John Forsythe, Linda Evans and Joan Collins. “artisanal”(meaning made by hand) is a cosy bar-restaurant housed in an early 20th century premium residence with rare trees and elegance of the 50’s. not just a fancy word.




ground floor


upstairs bar




“Dynasty” details

lounge yourself and taste a freshly baked bread dipped in metsovone, anthotyro(traditional fresh cheese) and thyme cream, a colorful beetroot salad with goat cheese and raspberry dressing, a groovy grilled spinach pie with feta cheese cream and chive scented olive oil, some classy beef ravioli with salsify and Jerusalem artichoke(topinambour), some sensuous pumpkin gnocchi with mushrooms, a Greek sea scented octopus pastitsio with wakame seaweed and fava(yellow split peas puree) and a fine juicy pata negra pork loin with polenta, red cabbage puree and crispy pork bites. actually well crafted culinary works.


handmade bread


beetroot salad


grilled spinach pie


beef ravioli


pumpkin gnocchi


octopus pastitsio


pata negra pork loin


chef Mr. Dimitris Dimitriadis

second dinner act opens with nutcracker rum cocktail with house honey bittermilk, lime juice, hazelnut liqueur and a nice dry dark chocolate flavor of Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters danced to end of love by a praline bar with green apple compote, chocolate-caramélia and vanilla ice cream.


 nutcracker cocktail


praline bar

punch with rum, tea, grapefruit and maraschino is served in the finest tea cups.


serving punch

so go my friends, art is where you find it.

“artisanal” 2 Zirini street, Kifisia, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2108086111


the growing family tree..

Greek-Italian ancestry means nothing but “trouble” and will inevitably lead to one thing(or two); tasty cooking and masterful culinary skills! Mr. Dimitris Papazimouris was just a normal managing director(and still is) of an advertising agency until he decided to open up to us, starting his own blog caruso.gr(with a deconstructed and reformed family crest as a logo), spreading around his knowledge and experiences! kinda like a beginner’s guide. and then it happened; his own, fully booked, weekend pop-up restaurant hosted at “common secret cafe“.


common secret


Mr. Dimitris Papazimouris

Greek-Italian ancestry means nothing but “trouble”

there you can taste an authentic “harry’s bar” carpaccio creation, some grandma’s meatballs with yogurt sauce, a fine tartare with crispy fries, an ambrosial smoked paprika seasoned veal liver(bralos farm), some traditionally flavored stuffed cabbage rolls aka lahanodolmades, some comforting lasagna alla bolognese and finally a rich 80 day aged black angus rib steak(bralos farm of course). Mr. Papazimouris stated that the perfect aging temperature should be around 0-2 degrees Celsius and that a 45-day aging is just about enough.


“harry’s bar” carpaccio


meatballs w/ yogurt sauce


tartare w/ fries


veal liver & the family crest

stuffed cabbage

stuffed cabbage rolls aka lahanodolmades


lasagna alla bolognese

black angus

black angus rib steak

an ambrosial smoked paprika seasoned veal liver

you will not be able to look away from your plate unless Mrs. Annie Fasseas the beautiful sommelier-opera singer starts her live performance. senses stimuli detected! and as if this isn’t enough, the ultimate Sophie’s meringue with lemon curd and the drunk, kinky chocolate mousse come along.


Mrs. Annie Fasseas performing live

and a video to prove it


Sophie’s meringue w/ lemon curd

choco mousse

chocolate mousse

senses stimuli detected!

so go my friends, enjoy the fruits of this tree of life.

“cucina caruso @ common secret” 324 Kifissias street, Kifissia, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 6233810  only Friday & Saturday until the end of March 2016


big sky pad thai..

go up the lighted staircase, pass the golden bamboo hallway and enter the sumptuous scenery! the new “oozora”(big sky in Japanese) is made of marble, wood and black bamboo. you will get the warm Asiatique feeling pretty damn well.


the entrance




indoors-marble bar table at the back


the bar

you will get the warm Asiatique feeling pretty damn well

sharpen your chopsticks and off you go. you can taste some Cantonese dumplings with prawns and a light velvety peanut butter sauce, some golden crusted tempura prawns with Japanese green curry, some out of this world Siamese bao buns with chicken and spring onions, some heavenly rolls like spicy tuna, philadelphia(smoked salmon and cream cheese), seared hamachi(asparagus and hamachi fish), salmon asparagus, beef miso(rib eye and eggplant miso) and california(crab, cucumber and avocado), some exquisite iberiko pork dim sum, a lip-smacking pad thai(rice noodles, prawns and tofu) and a delicious peanut butter chicken satay. enough said!


Cantonese dumplings

ebi mayo

ebi mayo

bao buns

bao buns


spicy tuna, philadelphia & seared hamachi

rolls 2

salmon asparagus, beef miso & california

dim sum

iberico dim sum

pad thai

pad thai


chicken satay

sharpen your chopsitcks and off you go

namelaka is the japanese term for creamy texture. it is also the name of the ultra-refined melting chocolate sphere served at “oozora”. do the math. pour over the hot caramel and watch some magic happen! ok, you can have some sweet roasted banana with peanut butter ice cream too.




roasted banana w/ peanut butter ice cream

pour over the hot caramel and watch some magic happen!

so go my friends, you will love it as big as the sky.

“oozora” 54 Diligianni street, Kifisia, Greece, tel. +30 210 8018515




being Italian..

being a true Italian takes a lot more than a regular pizza and pasta chomping ability. you need some true style and cooking sense. for a bistrot add a lot of wooden vintage details, leather chairs, a wood fired pizza oven and you got it. “giacomo” is here, not in Milan.




indoor tables

being a true Italian takes a lot more than a regular pizza and pasta chomping ability.

at this lovely little place you can try a fine beef carpaccio, a velvety poached egg version of spaghetti carbonara which you eagerly want to mess up(Alkis won’t let you though) and feast on, a thin crust pizza(those tender asparagus spears are never enough) and a buttery juicy cotoletta.


beef carpaccio


carbonara w/ poached egg

fixing our carbonara

Mr. Alkis messing up the carbonara


pizza w/ extra asparagus topping



a velvety poached egg version of spaghetti carbonara which you eagerly want to mess up.

sweet tooth? some lady’s fingers soaked in coffee and a layer of creamy mascarpone will be just fine!



sous chef

Mr. Alkis Tsagaris & sous chef Mr. Ilias Kosivas

so go my friends, after all everybody wants to “be Italian”.

“giacomo” 11 Levidou street Kifisia, Athens, Greece, tel: +210 8014007


“buba” grows a vintage moustache..

how would you feel if you entered a neoclassical style house and found yourself swinging to some jazz and soul vibes, drinking some of the finest cocktails and feeling right at home(at your 1930’s home to be exact)? that sounds seriously cool, doesn’t it? now imagine yourself being able to enjoy some interesting food also. i guess that is what you would probably call the perfect night out!

indoors(6)the place

indoors2(2)the restaurant

there is a new spot up north, in Kifissia area, hosted by a famous “old chap” Mr. Konstantinos Zouganelis, previous owner of one of the most legendary bars ever, the “bar guru bar”. “buba” seems sophisticated yet cosy and relaxed at the same time. it has two floors and of course a small open kitchen area where you can witness some culinary frenzy.

chefs tableopen kitchen bar

in the menu you can find a perfectly blended trio of dips with split peas, hummus and tan(a kind of creamy Pontian cheese), some aromatic tandoori chicken wraps, a masterfully crafted beef tartare, a different kind of shrimp dumpling with sour cream and yellow curry, some soft gnocchi with Greek “graviera” cheese and salted pork from Mani(syglino) and some tender veal cheeks with parsnip cream.

dipstrio of dips

chicken rollsbtandoori chicken wraps

beef tartarebeef tartare

shrimp dumplingshrimp dumpling


veal cheeksveal cheeks

one thing i would definitely not miss is the hot dog with the delicious sausage from Drama and apple ketchup housed on a steamed bun. probably the tastier gourmet hot dog around!

hot doghot dog

so go my friends and enjoy a combo of “old-school” high aesthetics and innovative mediterranean cuisine.

“buba” 4 Papadiamanti street, Kifissia, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 6231151


may all the forces in the cosmos be with you..

“tomoe” is the Japanese emblem that represents the play and balance of cosmic forces. so when a restaurant borrows this symbol as its name it has to share the same philosophy. this new Japanese place in town will impress you with the constantly running waters and the calming aquarium. it will also serve you in the best and most professional kind of way; the staff’s politeness and manners were exemplary. in terms of dishes, everything was excellently prepared and beautifully presented. i had some light dumplings with chicken, some tasty salmon skewers, a work of art crispy sea bream and some interesting rolls with king crab, salmon and eel. i also tried a heavenly passion fruit based cocktail. as always i finished my dinner with some desserts. i am really not a dessert lover but the green tea crème brûlée i ordered had such a delicate taste that made me wonder. so go my confused friends and reach for your emotional stability through some exquisite Japanese tastes.

aquarium & dinning room
cocktail bar
dumplings w/ chicken
salmon skewers
salmon skewers
crispy sea bream
crispy sea bream
sushi chef
sushi chef
specialty rolls
green tea crème brûlée

“tomoe” Gortynias 11 & Dagli Kifissia, Greece, tel. +30 210 8013553


risotto “tesoro mio”..

as stated in previous posts, i am a big fan of cucina italiana. so it felt more than natural to visit the new Italian restaurant in town. the truth is, i have heard some good comments about some risotto and pasta this place serves. so i went, i ordered and waited to taste all these new but already kind of famous dishes. and then it suddenly arrived! my risotto with chicken and prosciutto was so full of flavor and aroma. it was such a good surprise. i also tried an excellent  beef carpaccio and tagliatelle with wild mushrooms. as far as fish is concerned, i had a Dover sole and was really pleased with it. the environment is what you would call the “new everyday minimal”. ask to sit outdoors if the weather permits. one final advice; do not leave without trying the crispy mille-feuille with caramel and white chocolate ganache. well my friends, i just revealed and will gladly share my new treasure with you!

the entrancew
the entrance
the place
the place
risotto w/ chicken & prosciutto
tagliatelle w/ wild mushrooms
beef carpaccio
dover sole
mille-feuille w/ caramel

“tesoro mio” 3 Papadiamanti street, Kifisia, Greece, tel. +30 210 6232536