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is it funky to be gourmet?

Greek cuisine is funky! so if you handle it in an uncoventional way, using smart new culinary techniques you will surely get some inspiring results. throw in some special skills and talent and you got it. “funky gourmet” is serving fine Greek creations since 2009. it has also been awarded two Michelin stars so far. the building housing this famous restaurant is a perfect example of neoclassical architecture.

funky“funky gourmet”

the view; oh my god this view; is breathtaking and adds a lot to the general profound impression.

view(1)the view

you can choose between three degustation menus. the first one is the most complete. you can also choose wine pairing. you start with some digging for salsify in the soil, some white chocolate bottarga combi, taco and an altered Greek pastitsio. then you spread your tablecloth and have a proper picnic. do not try to open the plastic bag of the nuts, cassius to be exact, just devour it. it’s edible! not yet impressed?

salsifysalsify in the soil

pastitsio“altered” pastitsio


you continue with some topinambour(Jerusalem artichoke or sunroot), “coulouria”(round sesame breads) with buttermilk, a “kakavia” fish soup, a langoustine lying on a shell, some risotto type snails, a different yet all the same Greek salad, two lamb delicacies and finally a feta cheese with unfulfilled desires.

koulouricoulouria with buttermilk



greek salad

Greek salad

rib2lamb delicacy

fetafeta cheese aka beetroot

as far as desserts are concerned, i will let the pictures and your dirty minds do the job.

choco soupchocolate soup

orange exlosionorange explosion

finally meet Georgianna, one of the two aspiring chefs. Nick Roussos is the other one.

chefGeogianna Hiliadaki one of the aspiring chefs

so go my gourmet friends, it’s time you get funky!

“funky gourmet” 13 Paramithias street and Salaminos, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 5242727


eggs Mr. President?

the sudden urge for Sunday brunch can mean two simple things. either you are experiencing the unpleasant effects of a serious hangover or you just love having brunch! no matter the reason, there is a perfect little place downtown that serves one of the best brunches around. “nixon” which is named after the famous president is in fact a very elegantly reformed old warehouse. there you can also enjoy a fine dinner, your late night drinks and even see a movie or a play sitting on the comfy couches of the screening room.


the bar


the restaurant

roomscreening room

the brunch offers a choice of sandwiches, pasta, burgers and of course a lot of egg-based dishes. i mean if you are not into eggs there is no point of having this kind of brunch anyway. eggs benedict were a rather a big hit and the nixon burger with cheddar, bacon and caramelized onions was pleasantly juicy.

benedicteggs benedict

nixon burgernixon burger

as you can easily connect the dots, scandal is one of the best cocktails of this bar, as gin cucumber and ginger root work wonders.

cataloguecocktail list

drinkscandal cocktail

i suggest you also go for some heavenly nutella flowing pancakes topped with biscuit; “big” in calories but “bigger” in taste!


so go my friends, enter this brunch orgy conspiracy and be proud of it!

“nixon” 61 Agisilaou street, Keramikos, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2103462077