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village people..

Mr. Nikos Michail decided to pay a damn good tribute to his beloved village in Evia, by naming his restaurant after it. “argoura” is a cosy, welcoming place; simply creating a vintage romantic experience. no fuzzy adjectives, just some fresh ingredients, out-of-the-box thinking and clean tastes. ain’t no such thing as frying here.





chef & staff

Mr. Vladimiros Spirantis(left), Mr. Nikos Michail(middle) & Mr. Sotiris Koukounaras


kitchen stories

no fuzzy adjectives, just some fresh ingredients, out-of-the-box thinking and clean tastes

you can taste a light sea bass carpaccio, an aromatic marinated tuna, an ultra fine bergamot scented white sea bream, an ambrosial sweet potato version of the famous taramosalata(fish roe salad), a refined octopus carpaccio with barnacles and boiled fish eggs topped with mustard seeds, a “blissful” eel served with smoked aubergine, a tangy sun dried gilt-head, some alternative octopus meatballs and a mouthwatering risotto type orzo with “petrosolines”(shells in rocks). food which gets you salivating!


sea bass carpaccio, marinated tuna, bergamot scented white sea bream & taramosalata


octopus carpaccio w/ barnacles & boiled fish eggs


 eel w/ smoked aubergine

fish & octopus balls

sun dried gilt-head & octopus meatballs

orzo risotto

orzo w/ petrosolines


seasoning the fish

a “blissful” eel served with smoked aubergine

project happiness is on track! with a little help from the exquisite sauvignon house wine from the “ampelosofies” cellar and the strong “tsipouro”(Greek distilled spirit) blend with fruits. ok, and some golden crunchy phyllo dough layers filled with sweet yellow pumpkin(aka deconstructed Greek bougatsa).



mpougatsa pumpkin

yellow pumpkin bougatsa

so go my friends, plan a trip to this village, you will surely enjoy it.

“argoura”  49 Agisilaou street, Kallithea-Tzitzifies, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 217 7173200


red moon shining just for you..

Elpida loved a song. she loved italian cuisine even more! so she decided to combine those two and make good on her pledge to provide an exquisite italian dining experience. “luna rossa” is in fact a small house situated in a quiet street in the south of athens offering some kind of private dining. after all it can only serve around 30 guests.

luna rossa“luna rossa”

owner and chefMs. Elpida & the chef Mr. Petrini Danilo

personally, i was lucky enough to reserve a table at the “just the two of us” room; a small space suitable for a maximum of 4 people.

dining room(1)private dining room

if you have a craving for black truffle you can order some of the signature dishes like the heavenly asparagus topped with egg, the homemade aromatic agnolotti with minced meat and sage or the creamy parmesan risotto. of course there are always the traditional veal tagliata or saltimbocca choices.

welcome platewelcome plate

asparagusasparagus topped w/ egg


risotto1parmesan risotto

tagliata(2)veal tagliata

if you ask me though, i still have strong feelings about the maltagliati, gorgonzola, pancetta combination that did miracles in emotional arousing. yes! happiness can be found in a pasta dish.


but why not expanding your happiness by ordering a bottle of fine wine from the extensive wine list? so go my friends, let the red moon light the way and lead you to this well hidden gastronomic treasure.

“luna rossa” 213 Sokratous street, Kallithea, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2109423777


ready for some sea adventures?

i was trying to find one more place in Athens that values the sea and what it has to offer. and yeah i found it!  it is one of these neighborhood friendly places with its yard and trees and wooden chairs. “thalassinos” (which in Greek means someone who lives or was raised near the sea) restaurant is more than twenty years old yet the creations it offers always manage to stay fresh. imagine tasting the sea through a fresh fish salad, a colorful lobster spaghetti, some heavenly crayfishes, some savory steamed mussels, some golden crispy red mullets and crayfish bites. the pictures that follow will help you get the idea. you can also try some other interesting plates like the small garlic flavored pita breads with shrimps or fish soup. of course do not even think of leaving without tasting the freshly baked bread offered there. as always i would suggest sitting outdoors under a tree of your choice.

the place
the place
crayfish crumb
crispy crayfish bites
steamed mussels
fish salad
fish salad
lobster spaghetti
red mullets
red mullets
the chef
the chef

so go my friends, let the sea breeze reach you even though you will be far away from the shore.

“thalassinos”  32 Lisikratous street, Kallithea, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 9404518