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Salvatore’s Sicilian table..

enoteca da Salvatore

thank God our dear Salvatore left Italy, so we can have a bit of his Sicilian passion served in our plates. the chef that loves white salt(hence the sale bianco resto) is now offering us some good old wine at his new enoteca. a bistro-style wine bar housed in a transparent glass, metal and wood “greenhouse”. open spaces and heavenly smells of food.

the bar

the bar


window w/ Italian goodies

the place


the place 2

“enoteca da Salvatore” or the greenhouse

..we can have a bit of his Sicilian passion served in our plates

there you can savor a fine thinly sliced beef carpaccio, a crispy mushroom heaven pizza blanca(white) with porcini and truffle, some rich tagliolini with prosciutto coppa(made from dry-cured pork shoulder) and freshly grated truffle and a juicy highly desirable bistecca of great quality meat. mamma mia son tanto felice!


beef carpaccio


pizza w/ porcini & truffle


tagliolini w/ prosciutto coppa & truffle



chef in action

chef in action

Salvatore Andolina

chef Mr. Salvatore Andolina

a juicy highly desirable bistecca..

so go my friends, Salvatore has set a crazy table in the roofed garden just for you.

“enoteca da Salvatore” 7 Zisimopoulou street, Glifada, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 8940007


sushi, me and the old sea..

ok, long tall bamboo canes, dark colors and low intensity luminous environment, don’t exactly signify a sunny golden sand beach. “hama”(the seashore in Japanese) though, may refer to the eternal sunshine of the spotless sushi at Venice Beach California(where the first “hama sushi” was established)! and it’s true you can find some really sexy signature dishes here.


the entrance




 view from above

the eternal sunshine of the spotless sushi!

you can taste some light steamed shrimp dumplings with spicy ponzu dip, some creamy tempura shrimps with sweet mayo, some fine spicy tuna, salmon avocado and shrimp tempura(ebiten) rolls, some luscious salmon philadelphia rolls with asparagus and the ultimate black angus rib eye teriyaki with sweet truffle soy sauce. in famous chef Take(matsuhisa mykonos & coo) we trust.


steamed shrimp dumplings

rock shrimps

rock shrimp tempura


uramaki rolls

salmon philadelphia2

salmon philadelphia


black angus rib eye teriyaki


executive sushi chef Take(w/ dark t-shirt) & chef Lin

in famous chef Take we trust

before leaving this Asian boardwalk treat yourself with a soft mint chocolate ice cream scoop. made you think of the after eight chocolate thins hah?

ice cream

mint chocolate ice cream

so go my friends, get high by the beach!

“hama” 34 Grigoriou Lampraki street, Glifada, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 9600595

“hama north 15 Agiou Trifonos street, Kifissia, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 6230330


define gluttony..

if someone asked, gluttony would be my favorite sin. i am an excessive eater myself, but trust me it is really hard not to be one! now, imagine a restaurant under this name. i will let you do the math! “peccati di gola” is a welcoming family restaurant made completely out of love for the Italian cuisine. it’s hosted by two sisters Talita and Naomi whose parents enjoyed great success in the past, offering some authentic recipes through their various trattorias in Greece.

the place(9)outdoors

ownersMarcel(Talita’s husband) the pizzaiolo & the girls’ aunt

take a seat outdoors, grab your focaccia( flat oven-baked Italian bread) and let’s begin.


you can taste a fresh spinach based salad, a fine beef carpaccio, some delightful tagliatelle with langoustine, tomatoes and arugula pesto, a surely mouthwatering caprese pizza, some art-inspired seafood spaghetti, some rich gnocchi with minced meat and cream and some light vegetable penne.

salad(7)spinach based salad

carpaccio(2)beef carpaccio

tagliatelletagliatelle w/ langoustine & arugula pesto

pizza(4)pizza caprese

spaghetti seafoodseafood spaghetti

niocchignocchi w/ minced meat & cream

pennepenne w/ vegetables

i can’t see you right now but i can sense that lip smacking! you can finish off with a luscious chocolate calzone and the appropriate digestives of course.

calzone(1)chocolate calzone

so go my friends and try to define gluttony after that.

“peccati di gola” 50 Kyprou street, Glyfada, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 8981511


class, elegance, sushi..

ok now, what is the most elegant type of food? please leave out all the graceful juicy burgers and the refined long and thin strands of pasta. sushi is the answer; full of fine textures, colors and shapes. “miyabi” is the word for the Japanese aesthetic ideal of refinement, thus the perfect name for the new sushi diner in town. Mr. Kazuaki Shitamori and the chef Mr. Masahide Isomoto are the hosts. the place is mini-mal both indoors and outdoors.



chef & owner the hosts; chef Mr. Masahide Isomoto and Mr. Kazuaki Shitamori

chef's tablechef’s table

the taste will do the work. there you can have a colorful seafood salad with yuzu and truffle oil, a textured torched tuna with sesame and truffle oil, an aromatic sea bass with three kinds of citrus and chili, some adored salmon, fatty tuna and scallop nigiri, and some of the freshest rolls(hoso-maki, ura-maki) around. salmons, shrimps, tunas and eels embracing cucumbers, avocados, sesame and creamy sauces. oh, my lord! you can taste a bit of heaven in these Japanese omelet rolls.

seafood saladseafood salad w/ yuzu & truffle oil

tunatorched tuna

sea basssea bass w/ three kinds of citrus & chili


rollshoso-maki & ura-maki

have a sip of your “kirin”(popular Japanese draft beer) and that’s all you will probably need that day.

kirin beer“kirin” beer

so go my friends, you might achieve the highest grace!

“miyabi” 3 Giannitsopoulou street, Glifada, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 8944845


even queens love burgers..

come on, let’s be honest. there is no one in this world that does not like burgers. even if someone says so, he is lying! since i was young i remember myself drooling over one of these round shaped little wonders. so now i am going to write about one of the oldest burger joints in Athens.

the place(4)the joint

the story begins in 1978, when a little place serving only burgers and homemade waffles opens in Glyfada area. since then it is one of the most original restaurants of its kind.

dining roomthe dining room

the space is really simple, full of bright colors and vibes. a flashy red sofa sets the tone and the game is on! at “queen” you will not be served; it is more of a self service kind of place.

the menuthe menu

in the illuminated menu you will find barbeque, cheese, bacon, chicken and veggie burgers, also hot dogs, hams(a kind of sandwich always with ham) and of course waffles.

bbq burger copybarbeque burger


i personally love the barbeque burger and the fresh fries with mayonnaise sauce, but a descent meal needs its ham sandwich too. so go visit this burger kingdom my friends and feel a bit like royalty, you deserve it!

“Queen” 3 Giannitsopoulou street, Glyfada, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 8980747


“food mafia” the only legit crime syndicate..

mafia always knew how and where to eat! that is why when you come across a restaurant whose name contains this specific word, you should at least give it a try. in the case of “food mafia” and his subversive owner/chef Ilias Skoulas, this association really stands! in his restaurant you will taste good meat and dishes from allover the world like, italian bisteca and tripa, us rib eye, brazilian picanja, snails with italian nduja(a pork paste from Calabria), rigatoni with foie gras and many more. they cook everything in a Spanish cast iron wood oven which enhances the taste. to tell you the truth, the last time i visited this place, the crime had a name, “picanja”, and felt good; no remorses at the end just a heavenly aftertaste. so let “food mafia” take you back in the 60’s and “make you an offer you can’t refuse”!   

snails with nduja

“food mafia” filikis eterias 10, Glyfada, Greece, tel.+30 2108942177