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king’s net..


praised for its rocking fishermen, named after a king(Alexander I), illuminated by a bright lighthouse; easy to get lost in Alexandroupoli’s cultural crossroads. “nisiotiko”(meaning from or on an island) restaurant is defined by island smells, tastes and family bonds. Kiriakos mastered the art of cooking beside captain Michalis(his father) and “giagkoulas”(his uncle’s nickname). he is spreading sexational palate love since 1998.


“nisiotiko” indoors




Stogios family aka Captain Michalis(father), Kiriakos & Ioannis(uncle)

romance on the high seas; a fresh colorful salad, some crispy fried zucchini bites, a smooth homemade fish roe salad, a pure mussels salad with olive oil and lemon, some dazzling steamed prawns and a fine pan fried sole fish. the deep blue sea at a chunk!




fried zucchini


fish roe salad


mussels salad


steamed prawns


pan fried sole fish

so go my friends, get caught in these nets.

“nisiotiko” 1 Zarifi street, Alexandroupoli, Greece, tel: +30 25510 20990


fatty acids gone wild..


you have probably heard a lot about the beneficial effects of omega-3 fats; a health booster you might say. how about a finger licking version of these angels? Ω3(Omega 3) is a tiny place at the sandy Platys Gialos bay overlooking the big blue. minimal high bar tables and stools enhancing communication and chewing skills(as if we need any). Mr. Giorgos Samoilis; many years in Brazil, will guide you to destinations all around the world(Latin America, Peru, Japan, Greece).


seaside high bar table


the place


chef Mr. Giorgos Samoilis

minimal high bar tables and stools enhancing communication and chewing skills..

have a smooth shrimp ceviche with avocado mousse, some delicately seasoned slipper lobster slices aka carpaccio, an ultra sexy pink beetroot cream, a velvety fish roe mousse, some rich green garlic scented string beans, a fine amberjack tiradito with chile flakes and the rest of his charms; citrus juice and olive oil..


shrimp ceviche


slipper lobster carpaccio

beetroot cream & fish roe mousse


string beans


amberjack tiradito

..a fascinating octopus stew with naughty chickpeas, some summery steamed mussels with red pepper and feta cheese, some unconventional yet heavenly savory biscuit bites of gilomeni manoura cheese(aged in wine sediments) and smoked herring and a comforting crayfish orzo “risotto” with Greek saffron and ouzo.


octopus stew




manoura cheese & smoked herring biscuits


crayfish orzo “risotto”

unconventional yet heavenly, savory biscuit bites..

so go my friends, after all these fats are an essential contribution.

“omega3” Platys Gialos, Sifnos, Greece, tel: +30 22840 72014


a tasteful patrimony..


captain Vlastaris’ eternal heritage, a small place overlooking Agia Irini bay in Kythnos island. a fish tavern out of this world, now run by his offspring. fresh fish and family secret ingredients served on “Arias”(daughter’s name) peaceful dock. ask Mr. Kostas also known as “Soumas”(from his mother’s side), he is “sittin’ on” it for more than 15 years!






outdoors – dock



Agia Irini2

Agia Irini beach

father & daughter

Mr. Kostas “Soumas” & his daughter Aria

fresh fish and family secret ingredients served on Arias’ peaceful dock

there you can taste some fresh, full flavor tomato slices with capers, a delicate red mullet sashimi, some golden, crispy croquettes with traditional xino(means sour) cheese aka sfouggato, a perfectly fried calamari, a finger lickin’ good caramelized octopus with honey, the bad-ass of the menu and an incredibly tasty grilled brown meagre(fish called pantelis).

tomato salad

tomato salad w/ capers

red mullet sashimi

red mullets sashimi


sfouggato(croquettes w/ cheese)


fried calamari

fish pantelis

grilled fish “pantelis”

a finger lickin’ good caramelized octopus with honey, the bad-ass of the menu..

a light Greek orange pie and a sexy, rich soufflé might attract your attention from the picturesque bay; give in!


orange pie & soufflé

so go my friends, be a part of this tasty legacy.

“Arias” Agia Irini, Kythnos, Greece, tel: +30 22810 31371



battle of the seafood..


“at them” shouted general Miltiades. the famous battle of Marathon has just begun. a historic and inspiring place, northeast of Athens; a golden coast, an artificial lake, a monumental tomb and a seaside fish tavern. “Isidora”(mom’s name), a plain trail to the blue sea, offers some good old Greek delicacies for more than fifty years. it’s mama’s army, all right!


“Isidora” restaurant


deck by the sea


seaside table


the place

isidora & son

Mrs. Isidora & her son Stelios

“Isidora”(mom’s name), a plain trail to the blue sea, offers some good old Greek delicacies

get armed, trained and fed. have a velvety, smooth taramosalata aka fish roe salad, some golden hand-cut fries, a perfectly grilled octopus, some gently steamed mussels, some crispy little Symi style shrimp bites and some quite memorable pan-fried red mullets. commander Stelios full of ammo!

fish roe salad

taramosalata(fish roe salad)


french fries


grilled octopus


steamed mussels


Symi style shrimps

red mullets

red mullets

crispy little Symi style shrimp bites.. commander Stelios full of ammo!

final loading; some honey soaked fried dough balls of heaven aka loukoumades and an Isidora-made dark red tentura liqueur shot.


loukoumades(Greek donuts)


homemade tentura liqueur

so go my friends, seafood fight now!

“Isidora” 5 Perikleous street, Marathon beach, Greece, tel: +30 22940 56467


the restaurant between..

ristorante bilacus

walk along the narrow paved roads of the picturesque comune of Bellagio, climb up a few stairs and boom! come across a beautiful 51 year old restaurant and its irresistible terrace. named after the Latin-derived old title of Bellagio, “ristorante bilacus”(means two lakes) offers some good old fine Italian cuisine. properly updated and equipped wine cellar present! grab a metal vintage patio chair, your favorite glass of wine and just paint the sky.


“ristorante bilacus”




terrace details


wine w/ a view

grab a metal vintage patio chair, your favorite glass of wine and just paint the sky.

there you can taste some aromatic ravioli di magro(cheese filled) with butter and sage, a slick beef fillet with green peppers and of course the Bellagio typical, a mouthful, gently fried perch fillet risotto – the original boiled rice version you can find at chef Aurelio’s other family run place, “trattoria San Giacomo“. locals know best!


ravioli di magro w/ butter & sage


beef fillet w/ green peppers


perch fillet risotto


Mr. Aurelio Gandola owner/chef & Mr. Angelo Ostinelli former owner (right side)

the Bellagio typical, a mouthful, gently fried perch fillet risotto..

so go my friends, for some lakeside view “reparation”.

“ristorante bilacus” Salita Serbelloni 45, Bellagio, Italy, tel: +39 031 950480


village people..

Mr. Nikos Michail decided to pay a damn good tribute to his beloved village in Evia, by naming his restaurant after it. “argoura” is a cosy, welcoming place; simply creating a vintage romantic experience. no fuzzy adjectives, just some fresh ingredients, out-of-the-box thinking and clean tastes. ain’t no such thing as frying here.





chef & staff

Mr. Vladimiros Spirantis(left), Mr. Nikos Michail(middle) & Mr. Sotiris Koukounaras


kitchen stories

no fuzzy adjectives, just some fresh ingredients, out-of-the-box thinking and clean tastes

you can taste a light sea bass carpaccio, an aromatic marinated tuna, an ultra fine bergamot scented white sea bream, an ambrosial sweet potato version of the famous taramosalata(fish roe salad), a refined octopus carpaccio with barnacles and boiled fish eggs topped with mustard seeds, a “blissful” eel served with smoked aubergine, a tangy sun dried gilt-head, some alternative octopus meatballs and a mouthwatering risotto type orzo with “petrosolines”(shells in rocks). food which gets you salivating!


sea bass carpaccio, marinated tuna, bergamot scented white sea bream & taramosalata


octopus carpaccio w/ barnacles & boiled fish eggs


 eel w/ smoked aubergine

fish & octopus balls

sun dried gilt-head & octopus meatballs

orzo risotto

orzo w/ petrosolines


seasoning the fish

a “blissful” eel served with smoked aubergine

project happiness is on track! with a little help from the exquisite sauvignon house wine from the “ampelosofies” cellar and the strong “tsipouro”(Greek distilled spirit) blend with fruits. ok, and some golden crunchy phyllo dough layers filled with sweet yellow pumpkin(aka deconstructed Greek bougatsa).



mpougatsa pumpkin

yellow pumpkin bougatsa

so go my friends, plan a trip to this village, you will surely enjoy it.

“argoura”  49 Agisilaou street, Kallithea-Tzitzifies, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 217 7173200


dancing fish..

funny, sad, moving or just crazy, there is always a story behind every restaurant. “travolta” was at first a nickname but ended up being one of the best seafood dinners around (with the help of two famous chefs; Liakos brothers). it is a simple, friendly and welcoming place with a twist. it offers both indoor and outdoor sitting.



as implied, “travolta” knows all the moves; and fresh fish as well! he will greet you with some tasty sardines on toasted bread. then he will hit the dance floor with a velvety fish roe salad (aka taramosalata), a smokey flavored eel lying gently on split peas and some perfectly grilled red mullets.

sardinessardines on toasted bread

taramosalatafish roe salad aka taramosalata

eeleel on split peas

red mulletsgrilled red mullets

to get your applause he will end his show with a spicy Greek recipe called spentzofai with cuttlefish sausages (instead of regular ones), red peppers and tomatoes. you will surely admire this last stunt, trust me! keep in mind to wet your throats once in a while with some ouzo, tsipouro or fine wines.

spetsofaispentzofai w/ cuttlefish sausage 

some flavorful Greek yogurt with spoon sweets will end this spectacle in the most appropriate way.

dessertGreek yogurt w/ spoon sweets

so go my friends and let the artist lead the way. in this dance it’s better not to know the steps.

“travolta” 33 Agiou Pavlou & Arkadias street, Peristeri, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 5719222