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must-try threesome..


a legendary mother figure from Mykonos island, an old grocery store and lots of frying pans! back in 1942 Margaro used to feed the port workers on her famous braised meat every Sunday. since then the traditional tavern has slightly been transformed. now offers the ultimate threesome! a naughty three dish menu lost in the mists of time.




the place






picture of Margaro on the wall

a pure, fresh Greek salad, some oil sizzling golden red mullets and some crunchy shrimp bites of heaven! that’s it you hotties. occasionally some fresh crayfish or sea bream will enter the game.


Greek salad


red mulets


pan-fried shrimps


Mr. Spyridon the frying master


Mr. Ioannis, Mr. Konstantinos(grandsons) and Mr. Lazaros Chaniotis(son)

so go my friends, food indulge yourselves!

“Margaro” 126 Chatzikiriakou Ave., Piraeus, Greece, tel. +30 210 4514226

a tasteful patrimony..


captain Vlastaris’ eternal heritage, a small place overlooking Agia Irini bay in Kythnos island. a fish tavern out of this world, now run by his offspring. fresh fish and family secret ingredients served on “Arias”(daughter’s name) peaceful dock. ask Mr. Kostas also known as “Soumas”(from his mother’s side), he is “sittin’ on” it for more than 15 years!






outdoors – dock



Agia Irini2

Agia Irini beach

father & daughter

Mr. Kostas “Soumas” & his daughter Aria

fresh fish and family secret ingredients served on Arias’ peaceful dock

there you can taste some fresh, full flavor tomato slices with capers, a delicate red mullet sashimi, some golden, crispy croquettes with traditional xino(means sour) cheese aka sfouggato, a perfectly fried calamari, a finger lickin’ good caramelized octopus with honey, the bad-ass of the menu and an incredibly tasty grilled brown meagre(fish called pantelis).

tomato salad

tomato salad w/ capers

red mullet sashimi

red mullets sashimi


sfouggato(croquettes w/ cheese)


fried calamari

fish pantelis

grilled fish “pantelis”

a finger lickin’ good caramelized octopus with honey, the bad-ass of the menu..

a light Greek orange pie and a sexy, rich soufflé might attract your attention from the picturesque bay; give in!


orange pie & soufflé

so go my friends, be a part of this tasty legacy.

“Arias” Agia Irini, Kythnos, Greece, tel: +30 22810 31371



battle of the seafood..


“at them” shouted general Miltiades. the famous battle of Marathon has just begun. a historic and inspiring place, northeast of Athens; a golden coast, an artificial lake, a monumental tomb and a seaside fish tavern. “Isidora”(mom’s name), a plain trail to the blue sea, offers some good old Greek delicacies for more than fifty years. it’s mama’s army, all right!


“Isidora” restaurant


deck by the sea


seaside table


the place

isidora & son

Mrs. Isidora & her son Stelios

“Isidora”(mom’s name), a plain trail to the blue sea, offers some good old Greek delicacies

get armed, trained and fed. have a velvety, smooth taramosalata aka fish roe salad, some golden hand-cut fries, a perfectly grilled octopus, some gently steamed mussels, some crispy little Symi style shrimp bites and some quite memorable pan-fried red mullets. commander Stelios full of ammo!

fish roe salad

taramosalata(fish roe salad)


french fries


grilled octopus


steamed mussels


Symi style shrimps

red mullets

red mullets

crispy little Symi style shrimp bites.. commander Stelios full of ammo!

final loading; some honey soaked fried dough balls of heaven aka loukoumades and an Isidora-made dark red tentura liqueur shot.


loukoumades(Greek donuts)


homemade tentura liqueur

so go my friends, seafood fight now!

“Isidora” 5 Perikleous street, Marathon beach, Greece, tel: +30 22940 56467


the flower of the east blooms at night..

i have to share my thought with you; each time i visit a new place i never know where i am heading. is this just the adventure calling me? at my last trip to the Greek island of Zakynthos(also known as Zante) i had to know. of course there is no such thing as an instantly updated guide book of some sort, but the world is full of food enthusiasts ready to spread their love and secrets. so are you ready? let’s go. i am taking you out to dinner.”portokali”, orange in Greek, is a fairy tale, art place with an aspiring owner. Eleni named it after the fruit that preceded her birth as her mom was eating one just before her waters broke. try imagine that picture. it also features her puppetry group name(the black orange) and the title of her sweet little book(orange marmalade).

portokali indoors“portokali” indoors

portokali outdoors“portokali” outdoors

elenithe owner Mrs. Eleni Tourkaki

there you can have a fresh vegetable tart, some aromatic linguini with salmon, zucchini and lemon, a fine moschato d’ asti salmon filet or even some pork with mushrooms and mustard sauce. remember to sip on a cocktail before leaving, they fix them really well.

tartvegetable tart

pastalinguini w/ salmon, zucchini & lemon

porkpork w/ mushrooms & mustard sauce

John komis has great stories to share. and why not i might add. his place “komis” began as a meeting/eating point of the local fishermen and as the years went by it became one of the best seafood restaurants around.

entrance“komis” entrance

komis“komis” outdoors

John Komis bwthe owner Mr. John Komis

there you can find some velvety “fava”(pureed split peas), a drunk onion(regional recipe with onion and peppers), grilled octopus and of course fresh fish. more red mullets never hurt anyone! while satisfying your sweet tooth with the traditional sweet “frigania”(with rusks, cream, syrup and a lot of cinnamon) pay attention to the details around this venue, history lies beneath them.

drunk oniondrunk onion

octopusgrilled octopus

red mulletsred mullets on fire

now let us head towards a romantic scenery. you are sitting on a deck literally above the sea with the blue moon over your head, you can almost get your feet wet, yet your problem is weather to order the saffron parmesan risotto or not!

viewthe view

anadalis“anadalis” deck

risottosaffron parmesan risotto

well, i say you do and with it some sauteed mushrooms in wine with thyme and truffle oil and a sea bass filet with raw zucchini by side(chef’s Kristi Karageorgou best of). “anadalis” took its name from the area and the old mansion that is said to have a major role in the Greek revolution of 1821. impressed?

mushrooms   sauteed mushrooms       

seabass filetsea bass filet      

anadalis chefthe chef Mrs. Kristi Karageorgou

it’s time for some Italian cuisine now, don’t you think? Daniela and Camillo fell in love with the island, decided to leave Bergamo and completely change their lives.

chefsthe Italians Mr. Camillo, Mrs. Daniela & Mr. Francesco

da camillo“da camillo” outdoors

“da camillo” trattoria is a friendly family restaurant in which you can taste some fresh homemade spaghetti carbonara(yes, with the egg), Napoli style pizza and of course the all time classic juicy tagliata. such a good source of taste these Italians!

carbonaraspaghetti carbonara

pizzapizza bufalina


pizzaioloMr. Davide the pizzaiolo

“bassia” according to the local dialect means entrance. and it’s true that you will find a lot of impressive entrance areas in the island. Nikos chose a really interesting name for his restaurant.

bassia“bassia” outdoors

bassia ownerMr. Alexandros & the owner Mr. Nikos Stefanopoulos

in this simple and elegant yard facing the Ionian, you can find a crunchy “kataifi”(shredded phyllo dough) pumpkin pie, some spicy fish balls, a creamy cuttlefish ink risotto and an interesting version of carbonara with calamari.

kataifi“kataifi” pumpkin pie

fishballsfish balls

cuttlefish risotto cuttlefish ink risotto

this new menu item with the unexpected twist is not to be missed dears.

calamari carbonaracalamari carbonara

so go my friends and let the sweet smelling flower of the east guide you through your late dining adventures.  

“portokali” Argassi, Zakynthos. Greece, tel: +30 26950 45730 http://www.portokalion.gr

“komis”  Zakynthos town, Greece, tel: +30 26950 26915 http://www.komis-tavern.gr

“anadalis” Argassi, Zakynthos, Greece, tel: +30 26950 24810 https://www.facebook.com/anadalismediterranean?fref=ts

“da camillo” Vasilikos, Zakynthos, Greece, tel: +30 26950 35149 https://www.facebook.com/daCamilloZakynthos?fref=ts

“bassia” Akrotiri, Zakynthos, Greece, tel: +30 26950 25554 http://www.ebasia.wordpress.com