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dine on cicchetti..

an exquisite multi-story stone building, a former residence of one of the owners is now the new Limassol’s Italian must try. wine, wood, food and counter height dining tables. though keep in mind that this “cicchetteria” does not serve only cicchetti(savory snacks like tapas). it just sounds like one.


the building






by the window

this “cicchetteria” does not serve only cicchetti

it is a restaurant offering a lot of  the famous, traditional Italian goodies which of course you can wash down with a fine bottle of wine. sit by the romantic big window grab your focaccia and dream the night away! get your rich caesar salad, a plain yet absolute pizza margherita, some classic comforting penne a la carbonara, some creamy tagliatelle with gorgonzola cheese and a famous beef tagliata.




caesar salad


pizza margherita


penne a la carbonara


tagliatelle w/ gorgonzola


beef tagliata

grab your focaccia and dream the night away!

need some more mood lifting? the tiramisu will do as its name states and promises. good old Italian kitchen vibes coming your way!




Mr.Charalampos Konstantinou, Mr.Michalis Agathokleous & Mr.Giannis Panagiotou

so go my friends your appetizers are served.

“cicchetteria”292 Agiou Andreou street, Limassol, Cyprus, tel: +357 25100500


karatello ‘n’ kitchen..

karatello(literally the keg) means you are stuffed; full of delicious and enjoyable food! basically it’s a way of finding some kind of material happiness. it is also the name of a fine restaurant in the old town of Limassol in Cyprus. rather appropriate, don’t you think? “karatello” is serving new age Cypriot delicacies(meze). the venue is masterfully designed, a perfect blend of past and present in the form of a welcoming tavern. the staff is polite, thorough and efficient, ready to handle all requests.


open kitchenopen kitchen

when handed the menu, note down the order yourself and let the party begin! try some traditional stuffed ravioli, an unusually tasteful boiled haloumi cheese, a swell flambeed saganaki(aka fried) cheese, some delicious sausages, a juicy double cut pork chop and of course the famous sheftalia(pork wrapped in caul fat) and pork kontosouvli. have a bottle(or two) of xynistery, the regional grape variety, to accompany your meal. suddenly this seems like a great plan, right?

RAVIOLESstuffed ravioli

haloumiboiled haloumi cheese

saganaki flambeflambeed saganaki cheese


steak(1)pork chop

seftaliestraditional sheftalia


end your feast in the most delightful way by selecting the anari cheese mousse with honey and baklava leaf.

mousseanari cheese mousse

finally, try to get up, thank your chef and leave with a giant smile on your face.

chef(1)Mr. Diomedes Hadjivarnava, assistant executive chef

so go my friends and enter the karatello mood!

“karatello” 24 Vasilissis street, Limassol, Cyprus, tel:+357 25 820464