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crafty art..


art is in.. grandma’s antique floral plates, homemade bread, handmade vintage furniture, John Forsythe, Linda Evans and Joan Collins. “artisanal”(meaning made by hand) is a cosy bar-restaurant housed in an early 20th century premium residence with rare trees and elegance of the 50’s. not just a fancy word.




ground floor


upstairs bar




“Dynasty” details

lounge yourself and taste a freshly baked bread dipped in metsovone, anthotyro(traditional fresh cheese) and thyme cream, a colorful beetroot salad with goat cheese and raspberry dressing, a groovy grilled spinach pie with feta cheese cream and chive scented olive oil, some classy beef ravioli with salsify and Jerusalem artichoke(topinambour), some sensuous pumpkin gnocchi with mushrooms, a Greek sea scented octopus pastitsio with wakame seaweed and fava(yellow split peas puree) and a fine juicy pata negra pork loin with polenta, red cabbage puree and crispy pork bites. actually well crafted culinary works.


handmade bread


beetroot salad


grilled spinach pie


beef ravioli


pumpkin gnocchi


octopus pastitsio


pata negra pork loin


chef Mr. Dimitris Dimitriadis

second dinner act opens with nutcracker rum cocktail with house honey bittermilk, lime juice, hazelnut liqueur and a nice dry dark chocolate flavor of Scrappy’s Chocolate Bitters danced to end of love by a praline bar with green apple compote, chocolate-caramélia and vanilla ice cream.


 nutcracker cocktail


praline bar

punch with rum, tea, grapefruit and maraschino is served in the finest tea cups.


serving punch

so go my friends, art is where you find it.

“artisanal” 2 Zirini street, Kifisia, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2108086111


their house our house..

Sifnos house

a heavenly area of land with picturesque views, unique patterns and Cycladic architecture; Sifnos island. food trends deliberately not mentioned -it’s all about lodging this time. a minimally and lovingly designed(by owner/architect) soothing place facing the big blue; call it home! “Sifnos house” is a boutique complex of ten rooms, sculpted beauties just like their coral inspired names.

sifnos house

“Sifnos house”


Pavona room

room details


view from the balcony

a minimally and lovingly designed soothing place facing the big blue; call it home!

warm sun through the shades, soft custard-like omelette, crispy toasted bread, traditional manoura cheese, fresh orange juice and homemade quiche lorraine. breakfast of summer champs!

breakfast area

breakfast area

breakfast details

“a slice” of breakfast



breakfast outdoors

breakfast served

warm sun through the shades, soft custard-like omelette..

spa time cuties. let some smooth rubbing and jacuzzi sprays make a better you! just go down some stairs and turn the shell door knob. your new buddies/hosts will give you all details.

staircase to spa

stairway to heaven aka spa

spa details


the co-owners Mr. George & Mrs. Dora Misirioti

so go my friends, this summer getaway house is a home.

“Sifnos house” Kamares, Sifnos island, Greece, tel: +30 213 0070177


mayor’s office..


a proper mayor loves and takes care of his city; fully committed. he wants it to be the greatest in the world. i say he should also feed it well; restaurant wise, give people a good brunch and they will vote for you! “mayor”(by a thrown around nickname) is a friendly, cosy place, right in the heart of Athens(formerly JK). an exclusive one, going really green on its beautiful patio.

the bar

the bar


indoors sofa

the patio

the patio



restaurant wise, give people a good brunch and they will vote for you!

first, wave last night’s hangover bye bye; have a refreshing spicy carrot, ginger, green apple juice. then you can treat yourself with some golden sunny side up eggs on toast with crunchy bacon and mushrooms, a rather flashy pizza-like flatbread with mozzarella, olives and rocket, a light turkey burger with asparagus on a quinoa bed and the ultimate vote winner, the comforting juicy black angus burger. the nice n easy vet Mr. George Nestorides will take good care of you.


hangover bye bye juice


sunny side up eggs



turkey burger

turkey burger w/ quinoa


black angus burger


executive chef Mr. George Nestorides

treat yourself with some golden sunny side up eggs on toast with crunchy bacon..

and since spoiling is the game, get your chocolate fix with a smooth ganache glazed coconut cake.


chocolate coconut

so go my friends, start voting now.

“mayor” 19-20 Filikis Eterias square, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 3648156


that’s IT folks..

still “foodwalkin” around the city center. in Kolonaki area you come across a cosy little engaging place. you immediately feel it, “this should be it”. in fact you are right, this is “IT”, an eco-friendly restaurant serving numerous recipes with fresh organic Greek goodies. minimal design along with feta, mizithra and goat cheese, capers, pistachios, almira greens and yogurt. i hope i am getting my point across!




there you can try some delicious chickpeas with roasted peppers(from Florina area), some fine mizithra cheese ravioli with thyme and walnuts pesto, a lovely salmon fillet with avocado and some mouth-watering chicken burgers with a tangy dressing and quinoa salad by side.

chickpeaschickpeas w/ roasted peppers

pastaravioli w/ mizithra cheese, thyme & walnuts pesto

salmonsalmon w/ avocado

burgerschicken burgers w/ quinoa

and the dessert, the semifreddo with “maltesers” type wafers; there was nothing earthly to it!

semifreddosemifreddo w/ wafer

thumbs up for the chef Mr. Elias Stavropoulos and the menu curator the dear Mr. Andreas Lagos(aka the nomad chef).


Mr. Elias Stavropoulos

so go my friends, cause this can be it!

“it” 29 Skoufa street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 3635773      


stinking in name only..

you must really love cheeses in order to name your restaurant after one; especially when it’s called “stinking bishop” and is famous for its distinctive odor. but you also might like their perfect pair, wines! so here it is, you got the answer; a cosy little wine bar in the center of Athens.

indoorsindoors / open kitchen

it has an open kitchen, a really friendly staff, all the wine you can probably have and of course good food. need more? outdoor dining on the sidewalk is possible.

indoors sofasofa & window detail

there you can enjoy a different kind of stuffed veggies (call them deconstructed) with tuna and a Greek fresh cheese from Domokos called “katiki”, some sweet chili mayo shrimps, some fine scallops with zucchini, a velvety black cod and of course a platter with cheeses and charcuterie.

stuffed tunadeconstructed stuffed veggies w/ tuna

shrimpssweet chili mayo shrimps

scallops22scallops w/ zucchini

black cod(1)black cod

cheese platterplatter w/ cheeses & charcuterie

choose your favorite wine label and you got it. life is neat! and can get better with the help of a sour apple disguise and a sinful ferrero rocher with salty caramel.

applesour apple disguise

ferreroferrero rocher w/ salty caramel

owner & chefthe owner Mr. Fotis Dimou & the chef Mr. Dimitris Stamoudis

so go my friends, do not be fooled by sound, be seduced by taste!

“stinking bishop” 36 Loukianou street & Spefsippou, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 213 0263656


a sandwich compilation..

sometimes it seems easier to compose music than sandwiches. don’t you agree? and what about the ultimate one; does it really exist? having that in mind, some people decided to help all of us avoid the greater agony. they created a cosy little place in the center of Athens offering a lot more than just some food between two slices of bread. “metropolis” is named after a famous music store of the eighties and may easily become just as successful.


looking downlooking down

there you can find dozens of breads and fresh Greek ingredients, like the cheeses from Volos, Naxos, Tinos and the prosciutto from Evritania.

window(1)the window

try the mile high sandwich with rib eye and smoked cheese from Metsovo or the low fat one with turkey pastrami, green apple and kasseri cheese. you can also taste some fresh homemade marinated salmon or carpaccio from entrecôte on an interesting  open sandwich version.

rib eyerib eye & smoked cheese

turkeyturkey pastrami, green apple & cheese

you can enjoy the outdoor sitting but still i would suggest a visit to the upper floor with the welcoming big table and the comfy sofa.



upstairscosy upper floor

so go my friends and enter the world of this classy kind of street food – deli combo, definitely music to my ears!

“metropolis” 9-11 Voulis street, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 3222122


“buba” grows a vintage moustache..

how would you feel if you entered a neoclassical style house and found yourself swinging to some jazz and soul vibes, drinking some of the finest cocktails and feeling right at home(at your 1930’s home to be exact)? that sounds seriously cool, doesn’t it? now imagine yourself being able to enjoy some interesting food also. i guess that is what you would probably call the perfect night out!

indoors(6)the place

indoors2(2)the restaurant

there is a new spot up north, in Kifissia area, hosted by a famous “old chap” Mr. Konstantinos Zouganelis, previous owner of one of the most legendary bars ever, the “bar guru bar”. “buba” seems sophisticated yet cosy and relaxed at the same time. it has two floors and of course a small open kitchen area where you can witness some culinary frenzy.

chefs tableopen kitchen bar

in the menu you can find a perfectly blended trio of dips with split peas, hummus and tan(a kind of creamy Pontian cheese), some aromatic tandoori chicken wraps, a masterfully crafted beef tartare, a different kind of shrimp dumpling with sour cream and yellow curry, some soft gnocchi with Greek “graviera” cheese and salted pork from Mani(syglino) and some tender veal cheeks with parsnip cream.

dipstrio of dips

chicken rollsbtandoori chicken wraps

beef tartarebeef tartare

shrimp dumplingshrimp dumpling


veal cheeksveal cheeks

one thing i would definitely not miss is the hot dog with the delicious sausage from Drama and apple ketchup housed on a steamed bun. probably the tastier gourmet hot dog around!

hot doghot dog

so go my friends and enjoy a combo of “old-school” high aesthetics and innovative mediterranean cuisine.

“buba” 4 Papadiamanti street, Kifissia, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 6231151