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eating pasta with Daniela and Stefanos..

it’s rather strange there is a perfect little Italian restaurant running for almost 20 years in Athens that i have never visited! i mean i love almost everything in Italian cuisine. but that time finally came. this cosy “little dining room” as its name(“il tinello”) suggests is situated in a quiet street in Alimos area.

the place(5)the place

there is nothing swanky to it, in fact it’s more of a family thing. Daniela, one of the owners, which is also the cook is Italian. She is married to Stefanos, a Greek yet very Italian tempered guy. together they serve each night a fixed menu of pasta, meat, dessert and of course wine to all of us; their friends! the fact that they serve whatever prepared each day really makes you feel like home and in a sense, liberates you.

the cookDaniela the Italian

stefanoStefanos the Greek

the menu i enjoyed consisted of some aromatic tortellini in fat free beef broth, some sinful focaccia with salami, a mushroom risotto, a juicy tagliata, some fresh pasta dishes and of course desserts like panna cotta and crème brûlée. excuse me for forgetting something really important; the wine.

tortellinitortellini in beef broth

salamefocaccia w/ salame


now let’s have a serious talk about pasta. the pesto one was really flavorful giving away its homemade origins, the aglio olio was spicy yet fine, the salsiccia was sinful enough and the carbonara really Italian. “yummy” would just be enough to sum up the whole situation.


aglio oglioaglio olio


so go my friends, visit this Italian “casa” but behave yourselves, you are now part of the family!

“il tinello” 54 Knosou street, Alimos, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 9828462