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the restaurant between..

ristorante bilacus

walk along the narrow paved roads of the picturesque comune of Bellagio, climb up a few stairs and boom! come across a beautiful 51 year old restaurant and its irresistible terrace. named after the Latin-derived old title of Bellagio, “ristorante bilacus”(means two lakes) offers some good old fine Italian cuisine. properly updated and equipped wine cellar present! grab a metal vintage patio chair, your favorite glass of wine and just paint the sky.


“ristorante bilacus”




terrace details


wine w/ a view

grab a metal vintage patio chair, your favorite glass of wine and just paint the sky.

there you can taste some aromatic ravioli di magro(cheese filled) with butter and sage, a slick beef fillet with green peppers and of course the Bellagio typical, a mouthful, gently fried perch fillet risotto – the original boiled rice version you can find at chef Aurelio’s other family run place, “trattoria San Giacomo“. locals know best!


ravioli di magro w/ butter & sage


beef fillet w/ green peppers


perch fillet risotto


Mr. Aurelio Gandola owner/chef & Mr. Angelo Ostinelli former owner (right side)

the Bellagio typical, a mouthful, gently fried perch fillet risotto..

so go my friends, for some lakeside view “reparation”.

“ristorante bilacus” Salita Serbelloni 45, Bellagio, Italy, tel: +39 031 950480

from Collodi to Milan..

Giacomo bistrot

“i was born in Collodi on June 1925 and i’m a professional liar”. Giacomo Bulleri has always been hungry for life. even now after 91 years, three restaurants, one patisserie, one coffee shop and one tobacco shop! a Tuscan chef with his toque(chef’s hat) always on his head. “Giacomo bistrot” is the second in line; with a French touch, an emblematic bookcase and lots of warm shades of red.


“Giacomo bistrot”


the bar


tables & bookcase


prosciutto toscano

window desserts

dessert window display

Giacomo Bulleri has always been hungry for life..

you will be given a lavish pan fried welcome mix of zucchini, carrots, potatoes, saffron risotto stuffed balls(aka arancini) and an Italian bread assortment(grissini, focaccia & pane). then, go for a fine beef carpaccio with soft quartirolo cheese and quail eggs, a simple yet ravishing cacio e pepe(cheese and pepper) mezzi paccheri(tube shaped) pasta, a tender beef fillet with artichokes, endive in an elegant Merlot sauce and of course the authentic, golden crispy cotoletta milanese. this buttery veal breaded cutlet could be a good reason to live for, seriously!


pan fried welcome mix


Italian bread assortment


carpaccio w/ quartirolo & quail eggs

cacio pepe

mezzi paccheri cacio e pepe


beef fillet w/ artichokes, endive & Merlot sauce


cotoletta milanese

“it’s the kitchen that makes a place.. i choose my cooks.. the important thing is finding youngsters who want to learn..”. here he is, Mr. Jose Otoya, half Italian half Peruvian, chef at “Giacomo bistrot” for seven years now.


the chef Mr. Jose Otoya

this buttery veal breaded cutlet could be a good reason to live for, seriously!

flip through the pages of Giacomo’s book  and take a sip of mirto(a liqueur made of myrtle). his recipes -for food and life- need hours!




so go my friends, enjoy this typical Italian journey.

“Giacomo bistrot”  Via Pasquale Sottocorno 6, Milan, Italy, tel: +39 02 7602 2653

extracts from Giacomo Bulleri’s book “recipes(for life)” which you can buy at the bistrot.

the tree house..

if you were a kid it would be a tree house, now it’s “casa sull’albero”(means tree house). an eco-friendly dream stay of glass and wood! 12 minimally designed, spacious rooms surrounded by green and quiet. rising above lake Como; stop and enjoy the breathtaking view. or, how about some artworks(Alan Rankle paintings) hanging on the walls or lying all around you(Michela Milani frames)?



casa albero

casa sull’albero


the view


suite entrance


lake view suite


view from the suites – outdoor sitting area





an eco-friendly dream stay of glass and wood!

breakfast is served! milk, cheeses, cured meats and fruits from nearby farms. honesty kitchen is a very reassuring, feel like home term that lets you satisfy your basic food and drink needs on your own terms(open 24/7). just go easy on the “eataly” snacks you little rascals. oh, and remember to note down all the consumed goodies.


dining room



self service

some “honesty kitchen” goodies

honesty kitchen is a very reassuring, feel like home term..

Fabio the owner and Gabriele the receptionist, also known as the awesome map based travel itinerary makers, will be more than happy to fill all  your expectations.

Fabio & Gabriele

Mr. Gabriele Gilardi & Mr.Fabio Dadati(right)

so go my friends, climb up that tree, swing on those branches!

“casa sull’albero” Viale Penati(Via Sant’Antonino) 5/7, Malgrate, Lake Como, Italy, tel: +39 (0)341 1880440

dine on cicchetti..

an exquisite multi-story stone building, a former residence of one of the owners is now the new Limassol’s Italian must try. wine, wood, food and counter height dining tables. though keep in mind that this “cicchetteria” does not serve only cicchetti(savory snacks like tapas). it just sounds like one.


the building






by the window

this “cicchetteria” does not serve only cicchetti

it is a restaurant offering a lot of  the famous, traditional Italian goodies which of course you can wash down with a fine bottle of wine. sit by the romantic big window grab your focaccia and dream the night away! get your rich caesar salad, a plain yet absolute pizza margherita, some classic comforting penne a la carbonara, some creamy tagliatelle with gorgonzola cheese and a famous beef tagliata.




caesar salad


pizza margherita


penne a la carbonara


tagliatelle w/ gorgonzola


beef tagliata

grab your focaccia and dream the night away!

need some more mood lifting? the tiramisu will do as its name states and promises. good old Italian kitchen vibes coming your way!




Mr.Charalampos Konstantinou, Mr.Michalis Agathokleous & Mr.Giannis Panagiotou

so go my friends your appetizers are served.

“cicchetteria”292 Agiou Andreou street, Limassol, Cyprus, tel: +357 25100500

Eric’s alsatian casserole..

Eric was born in Rombach le Franc, a picturesque commune somewhere in north eastern France. he was an electrical engineer. he never thought of being a famous chef; let alone a Michelin star awarded one! fortunately he discovered his talent and decided to pursue his heart’s longing. now, along with his wife, he owns one of the best restaurants in Strasbourg.


“girardin” la casserole

chefthe talented chef Mr. Eric Girardin

“girardin” can host a small group of guests, giving you the necessary sense of privacy. the overall lighting of the space helps you enjoy a magical experience of all senses.



indoorsindoors lighting details

you can choose between the house menus or follow your own degustation path. either way, you will taste the amazing amuse bouches of turnips, fresh green herbs, mushroom with pear and the luscious corn mousse. after that, you will be gladly surprised by the complimentary croque monsieur flavor soup with pancetta. getting hotter? why not let the real party start. you can have some fine scallops with cauliflower mousse and hazelnuts, a delicate marinated mackerel with horseradish cream and herring roe, a mildly pan fried line-caught meagre(french round fish) in lemon sauce and a crispy pork belly confit.

amuse boucheamuse bouches

soupcroque monsieur flavor soup

butterbread & butter

scallopsscallops w/ cauliflower mousse & hazelnuts

fishmackerel w/ horseradish cream & herring roe

fishpan fried line-caught meagre

pork bellypork belly confit

as a dessert, you can choose a flavorful vanilla custard cream in mille feuille layering. you can also enjoy some sweet delicacies on the house; the gewürztraminer(french grape variety) marshmallows are a must try!

dessertvanilla custard cream

marshmallowdessert w/ gewürztraminer marshmallows

so go my friends and share the dream of this self-taught culinary master.

“girardin” 24, rue des juifs, Strasbourg, France, tel. +33 388364968

you can leave your crown on..

Switzerland is famous for a lot of things; good things! food is not one of them. but trust me, there is a small traditional restaurant in the center of a municipality called Bad Zurzach that might change your mind. it is housed in a really old typical Swiss building called the crown(hence the name krone) and is running since ages, 1908 to be exact. the warm and friendly ambiance and the rustique wooden style of this place will keep you coming back.

the place2“krone”


at “krone” you can try some fresh mixed salad, a golden pan fried schnitzel and probably the best liver around. ah, these small tender pieces of liver! all are served with french fries or rösti(the famous Swiss potato goodness). snitzel

schnitzel w/ mixed salad


schnitzel w/ rösti

liverchopped liver

you can also drink the shockingly good Swiss beer feldschlösschen or some regional wine from the municipality of Endingen. Either way you will enjoy a typical, one of a kind meal in the unaffected palace of Mrs. Elsa! beer(1)

feldschlösschen beer


wine from Endingen

ernaMrs. Elsa

so go my friends, the crown can be yours.

“krone” Hauptstrasse 65, Bad Zurzach, Switzerland, tel: +41 562491320

karatello ‘n’ kitchen..

karatello(literally the keg) means you are stuffed; full of delicious and enjoyable food! basically it’s a way of finding some kind of material happiness. it is also the name of a fine restaurant in the old town of Limassol in Cyprus. rather appropriate, don’t you think? “karatello” is serving new age Cypriot delicacies(meze). the venue is masterfully designed, a perfect blend of past and present in the form of a welcoming tavern. the staff is polite, thorough and efficient, ready to handle all requests.


open kitchenopen kitchen

when handed the menu, note down the order yourself and let the party begin! try some traditional stuffed ravioli, an unusually tasteful boiled haloumi cheese, a swell flambeed saganaki(aka fried) cheese, some delicious sausages, a juicy double cut pork chop and of course the famous sheftalia(pork wrapped in caul fat) and pork kontosouvli. have a bottle(or two) of xynistery, the regional grape variety, to accompany your meal. suddenly this seems like a great plan, right?

RAVIOLESstuffed ravioli

haloumiboiled haloumi cheese

saganaki flambeflambeed saganaki cheese


steak(1)pork chop

seftaliestraditional sheftalia


end your feast in the most delightful way by selecting the anari cheese mousse with honey and baklava leaf.

mousseanari cheese mousse

finally, try to get up, thank your chef and leave with a giant smile on your face.

chef(1)Mr. Diomedes Hadjivarnava, assistant executive chef

so go my friends and enter the karatello mood!

“karatello” 24 Vasilissis street, Limassol, Cyprus, tel:+357 25 820464