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good old Despina had a farm..

Despina’s farm

pig rosy noses, cow mooing sounds, adorable turkey gobbling melodies –Benjamin Franklin’s favourite– humble hens, goofy loud guinea fowls and a cute brood of chicks. a picturesque green hiking trail in Andros island(Achla area) will get you to the farm of your dreams. a hospitable family stone house, one century old, offering all sorts of traditional farm delicacies.

Despina’s farm



stone house details



traditional stone oven



table outdoors






chickens, hens, turkeys & guinea fowls

brood of chickens

adorable turkey gobbling melodies, humble hens, goofy loud guinea fowls..

sweet Despina will gladly arrange an organic feast for your bellies only. a bright colourful salad, some crispy fried eggplant slices, a soft flavourful local cheese called malachto, some juicy meatballs and the most comforting goodness of all, the fancy froutalia omelet(potato, sausage, volaki cheese & pork fat). my happiness is yelling louder than our noisy poultry fellas!






fried eggplant slices



malachto cheese





the most comforting goodness of all, the fancy froutalia omelet..

a basket to take home, full of palate memories, dairy products, malachto and volaki cheese, sausages and spoon sweets(bitter orange, lemon, pampiloni and the rest). a scheduled doorstep delivery is also possible; say what?



Mrs. Despina & her spoon sweets



spoon sweet pampiloni(citrus fruit)

so go my friends, a day in the life of a farmer is all you need.

“Despina’s farm” Achla, Andros, tel. +30 6973479284

traditionally speaking..

Athina ecofarm

a farm is nice; a family farm that produces high quality Greek products is even nicer! a cute little new place popped out in Ancient Epidavros, distributing organic goodies of all sorts.

athina eco farm

Athina ecofarm


the goodies blackboard

“Athina ecofarm” will get you high with the wild extra virgin olive oil, the olives preserved in sea water, the jams, the tsipouro(strong distilled spirit), the oregano products, even with the healing dried green olive leaves.

the place

the place

almonds, raisins & mix

almonds, raisins, power mix & spices

olives & spoon sweets

olives, jams, olive leaves & olive oil

not far from the windswept beach the sunken city canteen follow up, means the store,  awaits you!

“Athina ecofarm store” Ancient Epidavros, Greece, tel: +30 2753 042071

kitchen riddle..

do you like solving riddles? well here is one for you! what’s inside a small rectangular box, can help you set up a glamorous sunday family meal and takes less than fifteen minutes of preparation(while it usually takes more than 4 hours)? i will give you one more hint; it will come out so tender that you will devour it! any ideas?

boxthe box

it’s a ham shank my friends, steam cooked and gluten free. all you need is to dip it(with the plastic packaging) in some boiling water or use the microwave heating. sometimes even a cup of tea is harder to make! you can also roast it with some honey glazed potatoes. so prepare your favorite sauce and be part of the miracle!

shankbprosciutto shank   

it all started from a small Italian norcineria back in mid-1800s! impressed? for more information and orders you can check or

delicate simplicity..

sandwich2crunchy baguette

sometimes i forget how easy it is to create a heavenly taste with nothing but your imagination and some good quality ingredients. that is exactly the way you can fix a crunchy baguette sandwich. use good butter and add some “pfeffermantel” salami, some mortadella, your favorite cheese; i usually prefer a good quality Greek yellow cheese named graviera(you can also use gruyère), and some avocado. so simple! and then just impress and enjoy my friends. there is a perfect little delicatessen in Palaio Faliro area from where you can get all the above goodies and many more. it’s called “Benito” and is dated back at 1983. you can also find some fresh pasta and homemade creations from mamma Evdo. and for all of you living far, it also has an online store. so go check this little treasure store out, it is really worth it! 

benito“benito” since 1983

“benito delicatessen”  Thetidos 22, Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 9837677   

coffee cat..

i am not a crazy cat person but there is something i would definitely could not resist to. it is rather cute but the general idea behind it is genius. it is just a marshmallow in the shape of a cat and its paws. but this particular marshmallow will make your morning coffee or your afternoon cocoa look even more tempting and when it melts will make them taste better too. this cat also has a name; Hirokichi. it is fun, Japan did it again. but it is important they offer more animal shapes and be aware of “copycats”. so instead of dipping a biscuit just throw a cat in your coffee.


marshmallow coffee cat

for more information and orders visit

it’s all about herb magic..

i say herbs deserve to be treated with much more respect. there are hundreds of them that can be used for their flavor, scent or therapeutic properties. imagine pork or lamb without rosemary or oregano. not at all interesting! now imagine a chicken with mint and yogurt. heavenly taste! in medicine herbs can ease stomachache, flu, depression, headache, diabetes, cholesterol and many more. so imagine how excited i was when i discovered the perfect little herb store somewhere in Makrinitsa village. “herbs pantry” was full of colors, aromas, pastes, syrups, oils like some kind of magic shop from a charming tale. the famous Mrs Katerina is the only one that can help you choose among anise, licorice, rosemary, mint, thyme, hibiscus, sage, spearmint, watercress and other famous herbs. ask her anything. you can also find various flavors of tea(the shepherd’s tea is a must), mixes for salads or gravies and delicious chestnuts. it is really easy to guess what i bought; some chili and pepper mix of course. if you are not planning to visit Makrinitsa village soon you can just ask for all the goodies to be delivered at your home. either way i suggest you let the magic herbs in.

hc(1)herbs cabinet

goodies blurherbs & goodies


pepper & chilichilli & peppers

the ownerthe famous Mrs Katerina

“herbs pantry” Makrinitsa, Pelion, Greece, tel.+30 6976990027

chili on the go..

if you are a spicy food lover you will surely appreciate the following gadget. take a look.

sauce 1 (1)

this is a pocket sized bottle that you can adjust to your key chain and fill it with your favorite sauce (tabasco, ketchup, chili, whatever). it is made especially for a famous Thai hot sauce called “sriracha”, originally served with seafood but now used on almost anything, like soups, eggs, burgers, pizzas even cocktails. inspired by this miniature, i would like to share with you a Pontian recipe of a similar sauce/paste which is called “adjika”.


  • about 20 red peppers from Florina town
  • about 20 hot chili peppers
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 spoonfuls of dry coriander
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • some vinegar
  • some salt

remove the seeds from all peppers. boil all the ingredients for a few. remove them from the fire and use a food processor to mash them. then simmer again while constantly stirring, until you get a smooth thick sauce. enjoy your hot creation my friends!

for more information about the pocket sized bottle visit