fatty acids gone wild..


you have probably heard a lot about the beneficial effects of omega-3 fats; a health booster you might say. how about a finger licking version of these angels? Ω3(Omega 3) is a tiny place at the sandy Platys Gialos bay overlooking the big blue. minimal high bar tables and stools enhancing communication and chewing skills(as if we need any). Mr. Giorgos Samoilis; many years in Brazil, will guide you to destinations all around the world(Latin America, Peru, Japan, Greece).


seaside high bar table


the place


chef Mr. Giorgos Samoilis

minimal high bar tables and stools enhancing communication and chewing skills..

have a smooth shrimp ceviche with avocado mousse, some delicately seasoned slipper lobster slices aka carpaccio, an ultra sexy pink beetroot cream, a velvety fish roe mousse, some rich green garlic scented string beans, a fine amberjack tiradito with chile flakes and the rest of his charms; citrus juice and olive oil..


shrimp ceviche


slipper lobster carpaccio

beetroot cream & fish roe mousse


string beans


amberjack tiradito

..a fascinating octopus stew with naughty chickpeas, some summery steamed mussels with red pepper and feta cheese, some unconventional yet heavenly savory biscuit bites of gilomeni manoura cheese(aged in wine sediments) and smoked herring and a comforting crayfish orzo “risotto” with Greek saffron and ouzo.


octopus stew




manoura cheese & smoked herring biscuits


crayfish orzo “risotto”

unconventional yet heavenly, savory biscuit bites..

so go my friends, after all these fats are an essential contribution.

“omega3” Platys Gialos, Sifnos, Greece, tel: +30 22840 72014


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