Salvatore’s Sicilian table..

enoteca da Salvatore

thank God our dear Salvatore left Italy, so we can have a bit of his Sicilian passion served in our plates. the chef that loves white salt(hence the sale bianco resto) is now offering us some good old wine at his new enoteca. a bistro-style wine bar housed in a transparent glass, metal and wood “greenhouse”. open spaces and heavenly smells of food.

the bar

the bar


window w/ Italian goodies

the place


the place 2

“enoteca da Salvatore” or the greenhouse

..we can have a bit of his Sicilian passion served in our plates

there you can savor a fine thinly sliced beef carpaccio, a crispy mushroom heaven pizza blanca(white) with porcini and truffle, some rich tagliolini with prosciutto coppa(made from dry-cured pork shoulder) and freshly grated truffle and a juicy highly desirable bistecca of great quality meat. mamma mia son tanto felice!


beef carpaccio


pizza w/ porcini & truffle


tagliolini w/ prosciutto coppa & truffle



chef in action

chef in action

Salvatore Andolina

chef Mr. Salvatore Andolina

a juicy highly desirable bistecca..

so go my friends, Salvatore has set a crazy table in the roofed garden just for you.

“enoteca da Salvatore” 7 Zisimopoulou street, Glifada, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 8940007

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