traditionally speaking..

Athina ecofarm

a farm is nice; a family farm that produces high quality Greek products is even nicer! a cute little new place popped out in Ancient Epidavros, distributing organic goodies of all sorts.

athina eco farm

Athina ecofarm


the goodies blackboard

“Athina ecofarm” will get you high with the wild extra virgin olive oil, the olives preserved in sea water, the jams, the tsipouro(strong distilled spirit), the oregano products, even with the healing dried green olive leaves.

the place

the place

almonds, raisins & mix

almonds, raisins, power mix & spices

olives & spoon sweets

olives, jams, olive leaves & olive oil

not far from the windswept beach the sunken city canteen follow up, means the store,  awaits you!

“Athina ecofarm store” Ancient Epidavros, Greece, tel: +30 2753 042071

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