the growing family tree..

Greek-Italian ancestry means nothing but “trouble” and will inevitably lead to one thing(or two); tasty cooking and masterful culinary skills! Mr. Dimitris Papazimouris was just a normal managing director(and still is) of an advertising agency until he decided to open up to us, starting his own blog a deconstructed and reformed family crest as a logo), spreading around his knowledge and experiences! kinda like a beginner’s guide. and then it happened; his own, fully booked, weekend pop-up restaurant hosted at “common secret cafe“.


common secret


Mr. Dimitris Papazimouris

Greek-Italian ancestry means nothing but “trouble”

there you can taste an authentic “harry’s bar” carpaccio creation, some grandma’s meatballs with yogurt sauce, a fine tartare with crispy fries, an ambrosial smoked paprika seasoned veal liver(bralos farm), some traditionally flavored stuffed cabbage rolls aka lahanodolmades, some comforting lasagna alla bolognese and finally a rich 80 day aged black angus rib steak(bralos farm of course). Mr. Papazimouris stated that the perfect aging temperature should be around 0-2 degrees Celsius and that a 45-day aging is just about enough.


“harry’s bar” carpaccio


meatballs w/ yogurt sauce


tartare w/ fries


veal liver & the family crest

stuffed cabbage

stuffed cabbage rolls aka lahanodolmades


lasagna alla bolognese

black angus

black angus rib steak

an ambrosial smoked paprika seasoned veal liver

you will not be able to look away from your plate unless Mrs. Annie Fasseas the beautiful sommelier-opera singer starts her live performance. senses stimuli detected! and as if this isn’t enough, the ultimate Sophie’s meringue with lemon curd and the drunk, kinky chocolate mousse come along.


Mrs. Annie Fasseas performing live

and a video to prove it


Sophie’s meringue w/ lemon curd

choco mousse

chocolate mousse

senses stimuli detected!

so go my friends, enjoy the fruits of this tree of life.

“cucina caruso @ common secret” 324 Kifissias street, Kifissia, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 6233810  only Friday & Saturday until the end of March 2016 

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