brand name beef patties..

we all love beef patties right? if you know anyone that doesn’t, smack him! there is a place in Paleo Faliro area leading this field with expertise. “babis”(typical Greek first name) is just a neighborhood, family-friendly tavern, committed to offering good food since 1967(moved to its current location at 1978). golden jubilee on the way, wow!


the tavern since 1978

the place2

always crowded

the place

the place

we all love beef patties right?

there you can find all these great “Greek Sundays” goodies. the appetizing colorful salad, the creamy taramosalata(fish roe salad), the sharp garlic flavored tzatziki, the crispy gold fried zucchini chips, the juicy steak and finally the famous, cracking beef patties. chew, chomp and swallow enthusiastically.

greek salad

Greek salad





fried zucchini

fried zucchini chips


steak w/ fries


beef patties

chew, chomp and swallow enthusiastically

so go my friends, it’s a branded world after all.

“babis” 73 Amfitheas avenue, Paleo Faliro, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 9420529 online ordering available

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