that’s IT folks..

still “foodwalkin” around the city center. in Kolonaki area you come across a cosy little engaging place. you immediately feel it, “this should be it”. in fact you are right, this is “IT”, an eco-friendly restaurant serving numerous recipes with fresh organic Greek goodies. minimal design along with feta, mizithra and goat cheese, capers, pistachios, almira greens and yogurt. i hope i am getting my point across!




there you can try some delicious chickpeas with roasted peppers(from Florina area), some fine mizithra cheese ravioli with thyme and walnuts pesto, a lovely salmon fillet with avocado and some mouth-watering chicken burgers with a tangy dressing and quinoa salad by side.

chickpeaschickpeas w/ roasted peppers

pastaravioli w/ mizithra cheese, thyme & walnuts pesto

salmonsalmon w/ avocado

burgerschicken burgers w/ quinoa

and the dessert, the semifreddo with “maltesers” type wafers; there was nothing earthly to it!

semifreddosemifreddo w/ wafer

thumbs up for the chef Mr. Elias Stavropoulos and the menu curator the dear Mr. Andreas Lagos(aka the nomad chef).


Mr. Elias Stavropoulos

so go my friends, cause this can be it!

“it” 29 Skoufa street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 3635773

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