just made my day..

if you like the city center, the colorful pedestrian areas, the minimal contemporary design and the freshly made finger licking goodies, look no further cause i got it. there is a new place downtown serving all kinds of salads, sandwiches, burgers, egg recipes, coffee and juices.



take a look at their window “with a view”. point taken, right?

windowwindow “w/ a view”

at “just made 33” you can enjoy a vitamin booster juice -in a smart looking jar i would add- a savory kagiana(a Greek tomato and feta egg scramble) and some scrumptious melted sandwiches with chicken, mozzarella and thyme or pork roast, browned onions, peppers and barbecue sauce. come to think of it, the word “melted” goes for my heart as i pull the dish toward me. of course! the talented chef Andreas Lagos is the menu curator.


fresh juice

chicken lovers

melted chicken sandwich

english roast

melted pork roast sandwich

kagiana  kagiana

so go my friends and let these flavors make your day too.

“just made 33” 33 Evaggelistrias street, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2155258062


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