from charcoal to gold..

let’s go back in time; way back in 1926. somewhere in Pagrati area where a fine little family house turned into a charcoal store. back in the days, that also meant barrels of wine and most of the times a few tables and chairs for the “good customers” to sit. that leads us to the making of one of the most historical restaurants around. “Karavitis” is a legendary tavern, popular among politicians, artists and intellectuals.

signentrance – old sign

barrelsbarrels dating back to 1935

Mr. Kostas(Karavitis) still remembers the fights for a table at the so called “pool”(a certain area outside the restaurant); at 1978 the picturesque yard followed. his uncle Mr. Panagiotis started this whole thing, what an intuition! take a look at the pictures printed on the paper table covers.

Kostas KaravitisMr. Kostas Karavitis

outdoorsthe yard

there you can taste a fresh Greek salad, a glorious tzatziki(the one with yogurt, cucumber and tons of garlic), some golden brown fried zucchini, some meatballs really close to perfection and some masterfully grilled beef burgers(also filled with cheese) and steaks.

greek saladGreek salad

tzatzikithe glorious “tzatziki”

zucchinifried zucchini



steakjuicy steak

you will of course beat thirst with house wine, a lot of house wine! after all, these barrels date back to the 1930s!

winehouse wine

so go my friends, this is pure gold you found.

“Karavitis” 4 Pafsaniou & Arktinou street, Pagrati, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 7215155

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