the untouchables..

let me paint a picture for you. Loucha village is situated above a magical green valley. still unaffected by any external factor. with traditional stone houses, narrow alleys and only 35 inhabitants. and now the best part; there is an old coffee shop there, offering local delicacies and treats.

the coffee shop

the coffee shop


the place & view

you can enjoy the dish of the day(ask Marisa if there is any), or just a freshly made salad with rusks and tomatoes straight from the garden and one of the most flavorful omelets ever. simple yet heavenly tastes accompanied by a breathtaking view and some house wine of course.






house wine

before leaving the owner Ms. Efthimia will offer you her smile and a spoon sweet. check their marmalades too.

spoon sweet

spoon sweet


Ms. Efthimia & her good friend Ms. Eleni

so go my friends, breath, relax, feel free, you are untouchables now!

Efthimia’s coffee shop: Loucha village, Zakynthos, Greece          

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