a waking dream..

have you ever felt like dreaming while you are awake? well if you haven’t, i can help. there is a dream place in Andros sparsely covered with vegetation, surrounded by a river leading to the sea; a magical wetland! in this area you will find a unique settlement with the rather appropriate name “onar”(means dream in Greek). ten environmentally friendly traditional houses solely made of stone, wood and reeds stand before you. after reviewing the elegant, minimal furnishing lie in your outdoor hammock a bit. it’s all about you, nature and God now.


river behindAchla wetland

rooma house/indoors

outdoorsa house/outdoors

there is also a story behind a bridge there, called Christopher’s. a story including a rather unlucky wedding proposal plan, but you better ask Makis the owner about it.

bridge2Christopher’s bridge

following the river path you will find yourself facing one of the most beautiful beaches ever; Achla. just pebbles and crystal clear waters.

riverthe river path

beachAchla beach

seaa different view of Achla beach

in the restaurant they will treat you really well. you can taste Greek specialties like fresh salad with kopanisti(traditional spicy soft cheese), grilled octopus, golden fried calamari and shrimps saganaki(with tomatoes and kopanisti cheese).

restaurantthe restaurant

salad(5)salad w/ kopanisti

octopus(1)grilled octopus

calamari(2)fried calamari

shrimps(3)shrimps saganaki

or you can take it to the next level and ask the two master chefs Mr. Giannis Stanitsas and Mr. Nikos Koufonikolakos for some magical noodles with fresh tuna, spaghetti with slender rockfish and fried bananas for dessert.

chefs(1)the chefs Mr. NIkos Koufonikolakos & Mr. Giannis Stanitsas

tuna noodlesnoodles w/ tuna

fish pastaspaghetti w/ slender rockfish

dessert(5)fried bananas w/ ice cream

if breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, prepare yourselves for some ultra healthy yogurt with nuts, seeds, tahini(oil paste made from sesame seeds) and raisins, or a sinful traditional froutalia(omelette with sausages and potatoes) and pancakes with chocolate/banana filling. i mostly went for the last two!

yogurtyogurt w/ nuts, seeds, tahini & raisins

froutaliafroutalia omelette

crepepancakes w/ chocolate/banana filling

i guess i saved the best for last; you can also enjoy a nice barbeque at the beach, catch your own fish or try some fresh urchins(just add some lemon).

barbecuebarbeque at the beach

fishingkids fishing


enough said? so go my friends and do not let anyone wake you up from this dream!

“onar” Achla, Andros, Greece, tel: +30 2118002912, +30 6932563707   


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