stinking in name only..

you must really love cheeses in order to name your restaurant after one; especially when it’s called “stinking bishop” and is famous for its distinctive odor. but you also might like their perfect pair, wines! so here it is, you got the answer; a cosy little wine bar in the center of Athens.

indoorsindoors / open kitchen

it has an open kitchen, a really friendly staff, all the wine you can probably have and of course good food. need more? outdoor dining on the sidewalk is possible.

indoors sofasofa & window detail

there you can enjoy a different kind of stuffed veggies (call them deconstructed) with tuna and a Greek fresh cheese from Domokos called “katiki”, some sweet chili mayo shrimps, some fine scallops with zucchini, a velvety black cod and of course a platter with cheeses and charcuterie.

stuffed tunadeconstructed stuffed veggies w/ tuna

shrimpssweet chili mayo shrimps

scallops22scallops w/ zucchini

black cod(1)black cod

cheese platterplatter w/ cheeses & charcuterie

choose your favorite wine label and you got it. life is neat! and can get better with the help of a sour apple disguise and a sinful ferrero rocher with salty caramel.

applesour apple disguise

ferreroferrero rocher w/ salty caramel

owner & chefthe owner Mr. Fotis Dimou & the chef Mr. Dimitris Stamoudis

so go my friends, do not be fooled by sound, be seduced by taste!

“stinking bishop” 36 Loukianou street & Spefsippou, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 213 0263656

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