home is where good food is..

there is no one and i mean no one that does not appreciate some good old mama’s cooking. we all need some food nourishing both our body and soul from time to time. so it’s always really nice to find a kind of joint committed to home style cooking. “homey” is a restaurant made out of love for Greek cuisine and tradition. the hosts, also responsible for the famous  “papadakis” restaurant, are always trying to make you feel right at home; hence its name.


indoors(7)the place

entering this place you will be gladly amazed by some vintage looking wood ovens and excited by the smell of freshly baked bread.

the ovenswood ovens & freshly baked bread

there you will be able to enjoy a heavenly lentils salad with feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes, some sinful herb glazed potatoes, some ambrosial honey glazed veal cheeks, a tender osso buco braised in wine and some juicy little burgers.

salad lentilslentils salad w/ feta cheese

veal cheeks1 veal cheeks w/ orzo

osobucoosso buco


you probably noticed that i haven’t mentioned any desserts. that is because this is a completely different and luscious chapter my friends. please hear me out and try the chocolate mix of death lying on a crispy wafer or the divine messy millefeuille. if you don’t you will just end up drooling over your next table’s plates.

choco tartchocolate mix on wafer

mille feuillemillefeuille

you can also have some nice cocktails there. so go my friends and let sweet mama’s flavors take good care of you.

“homey” 39 Ethnikis Antistaseos street, Chalandri, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2106841156

this restaurant is closed.

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