“buba” grows a vintage moustache..

how would you feel if you entered a neoclassical style house and found yourself swinging to some jazz and soul vibes, drinking some of the finest cocktails and feeling right at home(at your 1930’s home to be exact)? that sounds seriously cool, doesn’t it? now imagine yourself being able to enjoy some interesting food also. i guess that is what you would probably call the perfect night out!

indoors(6)the place

indoors2(2)the restaurant

there is a new spot up north, in Kifissia area, hosted by a famous “old chap” Mr. Konstantinos Zouganelis, previous owner of one of the most legendary bars ever, the “bar guru bar”. “buba” seems sophisticated yet cosy and relaxed at the same time. it has two floors and of course a small open kitchen area where you can witness some culinary frenzy.

chefs tableopen kitchen bar

in the menu you can find a perfectly blended trio of dips with split peas, hummus and tan(a kind of creamy Pontian cheese), some aromatic tandoori chicken wraps, a masterfully crafted beef tartare, a different kind of shrimp dumpling with sour cream and yellow curry, some soft gnocchi with Greek “graviera” cheese and salted pork from Mani(syglino) and some tender veal cheeks with parsnip cream.

dipstrio of dips

chicken rollsbtandoori chicken wraps

beef tartarebeef tartare

shrimp dumplingshrimp dumpling


veal cheeksveal cheeks

one thing i would definitely not miss is the hot dog with the delicious sausage from Drama and apple ketchup housed on a steamed bun. probably the tastier gourmet hot dog around!

hot doghot dog

so go my friends and enjoy a combo of “old-school” high aesthetics and innovative mediterranean cuisine.

“buba” 4 Papadiamanti street, Kifissia, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 6231151


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