“tutti a tavola” a mangiare..

back in 1996 there was a little trattoria right in the heart of cosmopolitan kolonaki area. Atonio Tuttera(the owner from Torino) served original Italian food. immediately it became one of the connoisseurs’ favorites by introducing some fine Italian cuisine. the years passed and this heartwarming restaurant unfortunately closed. others attempted to make something out of this legendary space but had no luck. so now after many years, “tutti a tavola” is back!



it’s cozier and more tasteful than ever. basically, it has a knack for making your mouth water! you can start with some velouté pumpkin soup. then you can enjoy some rich bresaola(air-dried beef) with artichoke, a divine buttery cotoletta Milanese and of course some signature pasta like the creamy spaghetti carbonara or the spicy bucatini amatriciana. do not forget to order your favorite wine of course. do you really need anything else? life is that simple!


 pumpkin soup




cotoletta Milanese


spaghetti carbonara


bucatini amatriciana

Antonio and his partner Dimitris Anastopoulos will welcome you and make you feel like home, right from the start.

the ownersbw

Dimitris Anastopoulos & Atonio Tuttera

so hurry up my friends, sit immediately on your table and start “mangiare”.

“tutti a tavola” 8 Spefsippou street, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 2107222785


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