even queens love burgers..

come on, let’s be honest. there is no one in this world that does not like burgers. even if someone says so, he is lying! since i was young i remember myself drooling over one of these round shaped little wonders. so now i am going to write about one of the oldest burger joints in Athens.

the place(4)the joint

the story begins in 1978, when a little place serving only burgers and homemade waffles opens in Glyfada area. since then it is one of the most original restaurants of its kind.

dining roomthe dining room

the space is really simple, full of bright colors and vibes. a flashy red sofa sets the tone and the game is on! at “queen” you will not be served; it is more of a self service kind of place.

the menuthe menu

in the illuminated menu you will find barbeque, cheese, bacon, chicken and veggie burgers, also hot dogs, hams(a kind of sandwich always with ham) and of course waffles.

bbq burger copybarbeque burger


i personally love the barbeque burger and the fresh fries with mayonnaise sauce, but a descent meal needs its ham sandwich too. so go visit this burger kingdom my friends and feel a bit like royalty, you deserve it!

“Queen” 3 Giannitsopoulou street, Glyfada, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 8980747


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