wise men cooking..

“cookoovaya” restaurant is the new talk of the town. some very talented chefs/people; one of them Nikos Karathanos with a Michelin star, joined their forces to make this place. they named this new hot spot after a wise bird(cookoovaya in Greek means owl) while also including the word cook.

kitchen(1)the open kitchen

but let’s cut to the chase. when you first enter “cookoovaya” you are impressed by the size of the dining rooms and the general design simplicity. but then a magical thing happens! you feel right at home, just like having dinner with a bunch of friends. the fact is that the atmosphere is really cosy and the great height of the building makes you feel relaxed.

the place(3)dining room

another surprise awaits when you are served. the dishes are well crafted and tasty but nothing fancy as you have may expected, because of the team’s composition. the materials are fresh, all from Greek producers only! you can try things like cauliflower salad with gorgonzola, fish tartar with chili ans capers, pan fried pork chop with egg and potato salad, pan fried mushrooms with truffle and foie gras, pasta with beef, pork and truffle, black pig skewers and many more. i also had the chance to taste a mouthful special creation from Mr. Karathanos himself, siglino(salted pork originating from “Mani”) with Greek tirokafteri(salad with feta cheese and hot pepper).

bread(3)the welcome bread


cauliflower salad w/ gorgonzola

tartare 2

fish tartar

fried porkpan fried pork w/ egg


pan fried mushrooms


pasta w/ beef, pork & truffle


siglino w/ tirokafteri

so go my friends and let these wise men guide you through their culinary adventures.


the wise team aka Nikos Karathanos, Liakos brothers, Periklis Koskinas, Kleomenis Zournatzis & me   

“cookoovaya” 2a Chatzigianni Mexi street, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 7235005


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