delicate simplicity..

sandwich2crunchy baguette

sometimes i forget how easy it is to create a heavenly taste with nothing but your imagination and some good quality ingredients. that is exactly the way you can fix a crunchy baguette sandwich. use good butter and add some “pfeffermantel” salami, some mortadella, your favorite cheese; i usually prefer a good quality Greek yellow cheese named graviera(you can also use gruyère), and some avocado. so simple! and then just impress and enjoy my friends. there is a perfect little delicatessen in Palaio Faliro area from where you can get all the above goodies and many more. it’s called “Benito” and is dated back at 1983. you can also find some fresh pasta and homemade creations from mamma Evdo. and for all of you living far, it also has an online store. so go check this little treasure store out, it is really worth it! 

benito“benito” since 1983

“benito delicatessen”  Thetidos 22, Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 9837677   

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