welcome home..

have you ever felt like finding a place that you can enjoy your coffee, lunch or dinner in the most relaxed way? so relaxed that it seems like you have never actually left home. there is a restaurant in Athens that specializes in providing the fine combination of cozy, homely atmosphere and delicious food(comfort included)! of course its name is “spiti” which in Greek means “home”. if i could say so, a wise name choice. at this place you can choose to sit near the library, the grocery store, the open kitchen or the patio/garden area. you can taste a giant t-bone steak, a light beef carpaccio, a lemon based creamy risotto, some grandma’s meatballs and of course a juicy burger. it would be such a bad idea not to try the desserts like gianduja cream with chocolate biscuits or bitter chocolate cream with white estragon crumble and mango sorbet. if you prefer alcohol free beverages i suggest that you try the antioxidant lemonade. and the best thing is that you can find this home of yours in two different addresses, one in the north and one in the south(this is the latest one) part of the city. after all it’s just a matter of choice; where would you like your house to be!

the place(2)the place

outdoors(1)patio/garden area

kitchenopen kitchen

carpaccio(1)beef carpaccio

risottorisotto w/ lemon


T-bonet-bone steak


dessert(1)bitter chocolate cream

dessert2gianduja cream

“spiti” Lazaraki 12 & Dousmani, Glifada, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 8980080

Leoforos Kapodistriou 42, Filothei, Athens, Greece, tel. 30 210 6850950



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