rock classics..

what it takes to call one place “a classic”? are 25 consecutive successful years, millions of fans and numerous legendary parties enough? i guess that is exactly the case of the famous “rock n roll” bar restaurant in Athens. it has moved to a new address but is still located in kolonaki area which surely will never be the shame if this place suddenly ceases to exist. it offers a cool, funky ambiance and some of the best rock tunes around. before you run wild, you can also enjoy a nice dinner there. you can try a fresh salad with chicken, some tasty teriyaki beef sticks and of course the “rock” burgers. as someone may guess my favorite is the chili one. in its latest version “rock n roll” can serve you coffee, dessert and light lunch as well. weather permitting you can sit outdoors and enjoy the view and vibe of the imposing kolonaki square. so go my friends and pay tribute to one of the “Athens by night” legends.

restaurantrestaurant area


barmendamn good barmen

salad(2)salad w/ chicken

teriyaki sticksteriyaki beef sticks

burger(1)chili burger


“rock n roll” Filikis Etairias 14, Kolonaki square, Athens, Greece, tel. 210 7220649

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