is it a bar, is it a restaurant? no! it’s Malconi’s..

“Malconi’s” is a hip bar restaurant in the famous kolonaki area. it offers inspiring italian based dishes and cool cocktails. but the most important is that it uses organic vegetables for its creations. at this place you can enjoy your Sunday brunch, your morning coffee, your early lunch and cocktail or your late night dinner and drinks. the atmosphere is that of a cosmopolitan pub but it also offers a new concept of an urban garden, hidden in an old yard next to the main building and under a different name “Quintal 43”. of course i chose to sit outside and enjoy the perfect scenery. i had a fresh quinoa salad with turkey, a fine beef carpaccio, a thin pizza with prosciutto, a flavorful tagliatelle with beef ragu sauce, a light tuna with black rice and finally an exquisite, juicy veal tagliata. i would advise you not to leave without trying some of the delightful desserts, especially the tiramisu and the one offering the divine combination of pop corn and chocolate! of course you also have to try a cocktail not necessarily from the list. leave it up to the bartenders’ inspiration, you will probably be amazed. so what is “Malconi’s” my friends? a bar, a coffee shop, a restaurant or just a pub? who cares! just visit it and enjoy what it has to offer.

the place 3the place

outdoors 3the urban garden


salad(1)quinoa salad w/ turkey


carpacciobeef carpaccio

ragutagliatelle w/ ragu

tunatuna w/ black rice

tagliata 2tagliata


pop cornpop corn w/ chocolate & ice cream


“Malconi’s” Patriarchou Ioakim 43 & Ploutarchou 23, Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 7248920

One thought on “is it a bar, is it a restaurant? no! it’s Malconi’s..”

  1. well, what can i say? the last post was great, and don’t get me started on those images… i connected to your post,.and enjoyed it at the same time!

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