it’s all about herb magic..

i say herbs deserve to be treated with much more respect. there are hundreds of them that can be used for their flavor, scent or therapeutic properties. imagine pork or lamb without rosemary or oregano. not at all interesting! now imagine a chicken with mint and yogurt. heavenly taste! in medicine herbs can ease stomachache, flu, depression, headache, diabetes, cholesterol and many more. so imagine how excited i was when i discovered the perfect little herb store somewhere in Makrinitsa village. “herbs pantry” was full of colors, aromas, pastes, syrups, oils like some kind of magic shop from a charming tale. the famous Mrs Katerina is the only one that can help you choose among anise, licorice, rosemary, mint, thyme, hibiscus, sage, spearmint, watercress and other famous herbs. ask her anything. you can also find various flavors of tea(the shepherd’s tea is a must), mixes for salads or gravies and delicious chestnuts. it is really easy to guess what i bought; some chili and pepper mix of course. if you are not planning to visit Makrinitsa village soon you can just ask for all the goodies to be delivered at your home. either way i suggest you let the magic herbs in.

hc(1)herbs cabinet

goodies blurherbs & goodies


pepper & chilichilli & peppers

the ownerthe famous Mrs Katerina

“herbs pantry” Makrinitsa, Pelion, Greece, tel.+30 6976990027

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