absolute power over taste..

Portaria village is famous for its breathtaking view and natural beauty. it is also a place rich in waters and vegetation with plenty of waterfalls around, which has enjoyed many years of prosperity and wealth. so it would be really ironic not to offer its visitors the chance to taste some exquisite dishes also. hidden inside some stone paved paths, housed in an old bakery/butcher/grocery store there is one of the most interesting restaurants around Greece. “gefsokratoras”(means the master of taste) serves traditional dishes with a twist! first of all comes the bread. a freshly baked braid shaped bread sprinkled with sea salt! heaven on my plate and mouth. a lot of goodies follow; mushrooms sauteed in butter, gardouba(a traditional Greek delicacy consisting of lamb or goat intestines wrapping seasoned offal) with pear, pappardelle with beef knuckle and truffle, melted goat cheese with berries, beef tenderloin in truffle oil, grilled feta cheese with mozzarella and smoked tomato and pappardelle with chicken. i could really go on and on tasting more of these flavorful creations while enjoying the bucolic scenery, but it is time for my dessert; one of the most refreshing raspberry sorbets ever! so go my friends and embrace this countryside power.


breadthe bread

mushroomsmushrooms sauteed in butter

cheese beriesgoat cheese w/ berries

gardoybagardouba w/ pear

filletbeef tenderloin

beef knucklepappardelle w/ beef knuckle & truffle 

pasta chickenpappardelle w/ chicken

the chef(2)the chef  Mr Antonis Tsolakoudis

“gefsokratoras” Portaria, Pelion, Greece, tel.+30 24280 99919


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