a mansion where the music carries far..

Makrinitsa aka the balcony of Pelion, is a picturesque village with a unique view and position. there you can mostly find beautiful and wealthy old mansions. one of these houses dated back at 1750 is now operating as a guesthouse. “sisilianou mansion” blends perfectly traditional with contemporary elements. rumor has it that it was named after the nickname of its first owner which was a great singer like some famous Sicilian songbirds! when you first arrive you will be given a warm welcome and a hot cup of herb tea full of aromas. then you will be accommodated in one of the minimal, rustique style rooms which are in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. in the morning you will be served a homemade breakfast with pies and jams made by the hoteliers. if you are a nature enthusiast i would suggest a mushroom hunting in the wild. ask Anna and her father for directions. at night you can enjoy a lovely dinner at the restaurants nearby and return to the hotel for one of the most refreshing sleeps ever! so go my friends and let the happy vibes of this charming old place get to you. 

the view
1st floor
first floor
2nd floor
second floor
herb tea
herb tea
room 1
room No. 1
dining room
dining room
Anne the owner

“sisilianou mansion” Makrinitsa village, Pelion , Greece, tel. +30 2428 099556


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