may all the forces in the cosmos be with you..

“tomoe” is the Japanese emblem that represents the play and balance of cosmic forces. so when a restaurant borrows this symbol as its name it has to share the same philosophy. this new Japanese place in town will impress you with the constantly running waters and the calming aquarium. it will also serve you in the best and most professional kind of way; the staff’s politeness and manners were exemplary. in terms of dishes, everything was excellently prepared and beautifully presented. i had some light dumplings with chicken, some tasty salmon skewers, a work of art crispy sea bream and some interesting rolls with king crab, salmon and eel. i also tried a heavenly passion fruit based cocktail. as always i finished my dinner with some desserts. i am really not a dessert lover but the green tea crème brûlée i ordered had such a delicate taste that made me wonder. so go my confused friends and reach for your emotional stability through some exquisite Japanese tastes.

aquarium & dinning room
cocktail bar
dumplings w/ chicken
salmon skewers
salmon skewers
crispy sea bream
crispy sea bream
sushi chef
sushi chef
specialty rolls
green tea crème brûlée

“tomoe” Gortynias 11 & Dagli Kifissia, Greece, tel. +30 210 8013553

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