the winch that pulls us in..

what happens to a child when he looks up to his ship chef father and likes hanging around his kitchen as a young crew member? he becomes one of the greatest Greek chefs with several awards and fans all around the world. “varoulko” (means the winch) seaside is the new restaurant of the inspiring chef Lefteris Lazarou and kind of a new “home” for us seafood lovers! located in the famous mikrolimano marina this place can feast your eyes and soul with the gorgeous sea view. no matter what dish you decide to taste everything will live up to your expectations. you can have a velvet fish soup, an extra smooth smoked herring dip, a fine marinated sea bass, a crispy gold fried small fish on slices, a flavorful orzo risotto with shrimps, some fresh blunt snouted mullets and many many more! i will let the following pictures do the rest of the work. what i can share with you though, is that you will enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner no matter the season. so let the winch pull you in my friends and let yourselves experience the Greek cuisine at its best.

the view
fish soup
herring dip
smoked herring dip
marinated sea bass
crispy fish
fried small fish
orzo risotto w/ shrimps
blunt-snouted mullets
blunt snouted mullets
the chef(1)
the chef

“varoulko seaside”  Akti Koumoundourou 52 Mikrolimano, Piraeus, tel. +30 210 5228400

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