3 times 5 equals innovative food..

what happens when you mix elements from 3 completely different countries like Spain, Peru and Japan? you get “cinco”(number 5 in Spanish) with its unique creations. for most of us it would sound completely crazy to even think of blending such different ingredients and techniques but not for the inspiring chef of “cinco”. it really is a tapas bar restaurant that serves some of the most extravagant food around town. if you like to try and taste new things, like me, this is definitely your place. some of the plates i ordered were tuna jamon, crispy bread with cecina(meat salted and dried), milk skin and carrots in tiger’s milk, potato shaped yuca(root) with egg vinaigrette, gunkan(sushi) topped with tobiko(fish eggs) and urchin, black cod with aji amarillo(Peruvian yellow chile pepper), iberico pork rib, oxtail with eggplant, honey miso and goat cheese and Peruvian chicken yakitori. i guess that for most of the words above you need a dictionary but do not worry because, lucky for you, all you have to do is taste them. and they are damn delicious! as a bar “cinco” offers really nice cocktails and vibes too. you can also choose to sit outdoors. so go challenge your senses and triple your satisfaction.

the sign
the place
jamon tuna
jamon de tuna
gunkan w/ tobiko & urchin
black cod
black cod w/ aji amarillo
the chef 2
the chef

“cinco” Skoufa 52, Kolonaki Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 3643603

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