a star born in the streets of Thessaloniki..

i recently visited Thessaloniki and the first thing i heard was “go check out this new place called estrella”. so as a food and new trend lover i rushed to see what was going on there. i saw a little cosy street restaurant serving some kind of comfort food. i mean if the burger bagels, the eggs with mushrooms on crispy bread or the mama’s chicken do not bring you peace, i don’t know what will. except that it also serves some cool smoothies and juices and of course the famous Spanish beer estrella. but that is not all my friends. the one thing that will surely lift your soul is served in that place and has a name “bougatsan”! imagine a freshly baked croissant mixed up with custard filling(the one used to make the traditional Greek delicacy named bougatsa). if that cannot help, take a look at the picture that follows this text. recently the chef started preparing a cigar looking version of this dessert. so go reach for that star, you sure can.

art on the wall
table indoors
burger bagel w/ egg
mama’s chicken
estrella beer
the famous bougatsan!!
chef b(1)
the chef

“estrella” Pavlou Mela 48, Thessaloniki, Greece, tel. +30 2310 272045


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