“blue bamboo” the emperor’s Thai..

i love Thai, you love Thai, they love Thai, we all love Thai! as a spicy food lover there is nothing better for me than a hot curry. so it was just a matter of time to visit the new hip Thai restaurant in town. it is located in an area that i have already mentioned in an earlier review. it’s really a neighborhood full of aroma and flavors. “blue bamboo”, despite its name that is also the common name of the emperor’s bamboo, is minimal and cosy. it offers an open view of the kitchen, where all magic takes place. this time i sat inside in a kind of private corner, in front of a huge open window; looking outside of course. i ordered some chicken skewers, spring rolls, noodles with shrimps and egg and my favorite; beef panang curry. i have to admit that those last two were simply delicious! i need to taste them again soon. i would suggest you choose to drink a Japanese beer or a cocktail. so visit this interesting new place because after all emperors always eat well. oh! and because the lady chef is really cute!

the place(1)
the place
spring rolls
chicken satay
chicken satay
pad thai
beef panang curry
chef b
chef and crew

“blue bamboo” kidantidon 24, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 3423124


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